Friday, March 20, 2015

WWE SmackDown 3-19-15

I had a super-busy day of writing, so beyond not caring about SD, there wasn't even time to watch it after the fact and save a ton of time in the process. Brock recap from Raw. THE BIG DOG, WHO CAN AND WILL comes down and is greeted by Henry. He won over Mark and Mark's putting all his money on THE BIG DOG, WHO CAN AND WILL! So Henry's a face because...he got cheered on Raw? Authority B-team comes down and makes Kane and Seth versus them later. Fujinami is announced for the HOF, but doesn't even get his video. Paige is in her super-hot maroon gear. Paige reverses a crucifix to win. Raw Rebound focuses on the Authority not turning on Seth...which really serves not purpose now that WE KNOW THEY'RE TOGETHER SINCE THEY WERE IN THE INTRO!


Gauntlet features Stardust being annoying on an inset promo, then losing and beating up Dean. Dean beats Truth due to Stardust distracting him, and then Harper comes out. I love Harper's crossface! Discus lariat leads to a schoolboy. Black Hole Slam gets 2. Superkick sets up the rebound lariat! DISCUS LARIAT FROM HARPER! Sitout bomb gets the win! Bryan comes out. Backstage, some guys prevent some other guy from getting in. Noble is their boss - so now J and J are actual security, or maybe Jamie's just using the money he's being paid to hire all of these people and make himself seem like a big deal. I rather like that idea, so I'm going with it.

Shockingly, Bryan and Harper had a great match. They started with basic legwork to weaken Harper, but moved on to strikes before Harper tossed him out. Bryan comes back, dives to the floor, AND KICKS HIM AGAINST THE BARRICADE! Bryan goes for the kick combo, but Harper counters into a half nelson suplex! Yikes! Bryan gets a heel hook for a win. Dolph's out and they have a fast-paced exchange. Bryan counters a rana into a powerbomb with a jackknife pin for 2. Bryan goes for a super back suplex, but Dolph turns it into a crossbody for 2. Buzzsaw kick hits for 2. Running knee countered with a superkick for 2.! Yes Lock countered into a cradle for 2, then a backslide for 2. Buzzsaw misses into a Zig Zag for the win! Bryan vs. Harper and Bryan vs. Dolph were outstanding! Barrett comes down to kick ass and finally look strong as IC Champ.


Raw recaps. Divas take sides in the WM divas tag. Cena-Rusev recap. 6-being tag. Cesaro's got new blue gear. Noble talks to security again. Nothing really much to the match, but Nattie wins by counter the flying bull into a Nattie-sta bomb for the win! BIG DAWG comes down, but Henry's hurt. THE BIG DAWG OVERCOMES THE ODDS and beats Kane. Heels jump him, but Orton comes in, but since it's not from the ramp, the goons have no idea where he is. Seth avoids the RKO and there's another match that feels like a bigger deal than the WWE Title match. Really fun show tonight.

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  1. We're is the match card pix from wm31 of Orton vs Seth from sd

  2. Didn't take one. Really didn't think to since it'll be replayed a ton on Raw and such.