Friday, March 27, 2015

TNA Impact Wrestling 3-27-15

In some rather horrible news for TNA, Destination America has cancelled all of TNA's Saturday programming. This stuff was a fun watch and allowed you to catch up on Impact pretty quickly if you missed it the night before. Plus, the ratings were good for a while. I guess that changed, and how bad does something have to tank for DA to cancel it? Their viewership ceiling is low, and if I was Dixie, I'd be sending Spike execs many apology cakes and thank yous right about now. They're at least still doing the Greatest Matches show - at 3 AM for a new show and 4 AM for a rerun. Pre-TNA programming on DA is a show about drunk-driving - it's not quite Cops, but still amusing.

More typos. Drew's part two thing was good. Drew was happy in WWE and was IC Champion - he looked up to the IC Champions and then he got to hold it. He wrestled The Undertaker and even held the tag titles. The first guy to beat him in WWE was Taker and he enjoyed 3MB too. He says he's proud to be what no one else will be - Vince's chosen guy, and while he appreciates that, he wants the fans to choose the guy now. We see some photos of him in the UK facing Sheamus and having Mick raise his hand, as well as stand beside Barrett.

This was so much better than part 1, and he came off as such a great guy wanting to be in wrestling school at 10 and begging for four years to train in England. "Let's talk about what's best for business - what you use Drew Galloway to the best of his ability, that's great for business!" They cut out Kurt being interrupted, but didn't both to change Taz's "why would you interrupt Kurt?" rant during Storm's intro. They kept in the full intros for the World Title match - this really was a fantastic show. I liked it at the time, and enjoyed it more upon a second viewing.

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Show-opening video covers the Jeff bump. Taz is in Under Armbar in the studio while Josh has a giant hoodie on. Storm and Koya come out with the new faux-stone set that also has a nice vertical tron off to the side along with two big video screens on the main stage. It's a fantastic-looking set and the best non-BFG set in company history. Storm gets a "Hardy" chant and tells them to keep chanting, because HE ISN'T HERE! They've got a painted-up watermelon and toss it to the floor since it represents Jeff. Old school stuff there. Hardy hears enough of Storm and comes down. Jeff says it's time to lock themselves into the cage and end the Revolution. Manik goes to break the arm, but he eats a Twist. Abyss jumps him and tells the camera guy to get out of the way while he gets a chair. Hardy takes him out with the chair. Hardy asks the guy to lower the roof, and he does. Jeff's long brown hair looks good - it's nice and wavy. Storm gets muted saying the hero blanks - so presumably, they nixed "die" here. Despite the roof being lowered, that will be the main event and not the opener. Well, that makes sense card-wise, but not really logic-wise.


Ki's title loss is recapped. I like the underlying thing here being them trying to take a case, and then losing a title via a case. BDC talks about losing Joe and the X Title, and tonight, they need to make a statement. Best of Sting DVD ad shows a lot of cool HD shots of Sting. Storm rants about the guys who failed him, and he told Koya that this is his time to shine. YEAH JEFFF!!!! Koya rules. Low-Ki's out to face ROCKSTAR SPUD! Spud comes out in blue and white, with gold trim - it's is a good look for him. He's also got his hair super-short, which sells the shaving stip logically. Ki starts by CHOPPING THE DAYLIGHTS out of Spud. Ki takes him down, rolls through into a side choke and then turns it into some ground and pound. Hot damn that was a great little Fire Pro Returns sequence.


Spud fires back with punches. Ki nails some chop and eats some too. Ki avoids a sunset flip with a snap double stomp. Ki wants a ref stoppage here and demands a count. Ki misses a charge and eats punches. Pele hits after a chop. Running tornado DDT by the champ, who pulls off the bowtie. BDC comes down, but Drew Galloway's out to counter them. Spud gets a small package and the win...with kind of a blah finish, but a fun match. Spud hops into Drew's arms as he waves goodbye - loved that.


MVP talks smack about the fans and says he'll attack them if Drew doesn't come down. Drew merges Scott Hall's survey (which was taken from Family Feud) with the Yes chant from Daniel Bryan (and originated with Diego Sanchez). Drew runs wild with some backup joining him in the form of two new guys. He said THIS IS THE RISING...and didn't name the guys. A FANTASTIC video package on Kong airs. They changed her voice a bit, but unlike WWE, actually did it well. They showed her destroying Taryn and Gail while flailing around with a variety of lights flashing. Another hype video for the Sting DVD. BDC talks about the new guys while MVP says they play the numbers game better than anyone, and it's time to bring "him" in.


Brooke comes out while Josh talks about her trending on Twitter. She's battling KONG! Josh talks about Taz bossing him around before and then they bicker for fucking ages. The match itself is perfect - just Brooke bouncing off Kong. Awesome Bomb countered into an X factor by Brooke. Flying elbow gets 2. Brooke gets caught off the top and chokeslammed. Kong wins with the Implant Buster. She gets a second one and sets up a table. Before she can attack, Taryn comes down in street clothes. She runs wild with forearms and dropkicks before low-bridging her. Kong chucks her into the steps violently. Taryn gets powerbombed through the table and has her thong revealed as a result. Recap of Angle-Lashley. Aries says he'll cash in the case tonight for the show's second celebration.

Jeff Hardy talks about Hardy's Revenge tonight. Koya attacks him, but eats a beating and lets out an "oh shit!" after being hit with a ladder. Koya gets up and eats a beer bottle. I love the return of the Extreme Enigma - that was really fun on SD. After TWO MORE BEER BOTTLE SHOTS, Koya stays down. Kurt came down and you can really appreciate the new setup because they've made it look like several thousand people are there. EC3 says Kurt inspires him, and a dueling HE CAN'T WRESTLE/YES HE CAN chant broke out. EC3's new white and bronze gear looks good. Bobby Roode came down to talk about being THE IT FACTOR and so on. Then a generic theme hits. It's EY and he KEEPS THE FEUD WITH BOBBY ROODE GOING FOR CHRIST KNOWS WHAT REASON. HE HAS LOST THE SECOND BIG MATCH OUT OF TWO BIG MATCHES WITH THE GUY. "The World Championship goes through Eric Young - I HOLD THE FATE OF THE WORLD TITLE!" Then Aries came down. Love Aries virgin-shaming EC3 over not being the World Champion. He offers Kurt champagne, which is a horrid idea. Angle says he'll fight anyone at any time. Lashley comes down and tells him he wants a rematch. Everyone fights and then Ken Anderson comes down.


Everyone but Kurt and Lashley is still out there in a 6-man tag. Backbreaker>springboard elbow from the Dirty Heels rules. LOL @ Taz saying he's an EY fan, but no, the World Title goes through him. EC3 loses the brace, but has a big pad on the arm underneath. Aries dives to the pile and Roode slams EY off the top. Austin gets his knee taken out and EY gets the win with a figure four, instantly getting that over as a lethal move for him. Next week, we get Lashley-Angle II, Bram vs. Magnus in a street fight, and some other form of a Roode vs. EY match.

THE KING OF HARDCORE BRAM came down. Bram says coward and get Whatted while saying that Mickie has more balls that Magnus does. Bram heels on Magnus's son and that's enough for him.  Mr. and Mrs. Mickie James came down to tell him that they'll need more than cops and rent-a-cops to separate them if he talks about his kid. Bram tells him to fight, while Magnus says he wants to fight all over. So after it's announced, we get the setup for the street fight. Mickie cuts the best promo on the show saying that Magnus is going to tear Bram's pube beard out and kick his ass. Bram responds by saying that he'll kick Magnus's ass, but don't worry - his door's always open for her. Awesome. Bram and pink and white gear...fought with the buckle. Bram goes for a boot kiss and a regular kiss, but gets German suplexed out of a dip. This was excellent. Hardy highlight reel inside cages sets up the main event.


Josh runs down THE FIRST EVER BELL TO BELL show and Kurt talks about wanting Lashley next week. Hardy comes out to a huge reaction while singing his song, slapping hands, and staring down Storm. Hardy gets a headscissors, but eats a trip on the top rope and takes a great bump. Fun match so far.


We come back to Storm hitting some punches. They replay the bump and it looks a lot safer with this angle since you can see him take the bump on his back and then roll to his shoulder, whereas the first angle made it seem like a shoulder bump. Jeff ducks the superkick and gets the Twisto Stunner. Swanton leads to knees to the back. THE WORST EYE OF THE STORM IN HUMAN HISTORY hits for 2. Lung blower and the superkick combo gets 2.5. Storm gets the cowbell, but Jeff ducks and throws Storm into the corner chair. Swanton hits and gets 2.5! Storm gets a low blow. Storm goes for a kendo stick, but it's stuck. Hardy hits him with a can. Storm is trapped between Jeff and the cage and gets some monkey bar kicks of varying quality and a rana for 2.9. Hardy hits him with a can lid to set up THE COWBELL SHOT for poetic justice, a Twist. He goes up top to the cage though and gets a monkey bar momentum splash for the win. Neat finish - they at least used the cage in some pretty unique and/or rare ways to make it seem worthwhile. They also didn't have interference, UNLIKE LOCKDOWN, so they actually did the Lockdown idea better here than at the all-cage show. Jeff has really leaned out - he looks good.


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