Monday, March 30, 2015

WWE Raw 3-30-15 - Post-WM 31 Show

Pre-Raw stuff on USA states that Brock will start the show off pissed about losing the title without being pinned. Brock's out IN HIS GEAR all sliced up. Heyman cuts a fantastic promo for Brock, while Brock looks both annoyed and jolly when the word suplex is said. Heyman calls Seth a pussy for pinning the challenger and not the champion. Heyman talks about his father being an attorney and saying he can have the decision reversed and Seth will no longer be the winner and have the title held up. BUT HIS CLIENT HATES LAWYERS AND LIKES KICKING ASS! BROCK WANTS HIS REMATCH! Steph comes out and gets a Ronda Rousey chant. They would...almost be foolish to have Brock work a TV match. Almost - because this is the biggest Raw of the year. Cena has an open challenge and we get Bryan-Dolph next.

WM slideshow shows off Ronda. Bryan gets a jobber intro for his title match...and Dolph got no intro. Dolph's denim and whatever goofy color scheme he's got on his gear look awful. Bryan rolls through into mounted elbows. Crowd chants "this is awesome" two minutes in. Booker talks about Cena and it being the FIRST TIME THE ACCOLADE WAS ESCAPED...except for the first match between them. Break. Oh good - a near piledriver ON THE APP! Bryan's nuts. Back and forth counters up top lead to a super back suplex from Bryan to 2. JBL says it's a US Title match and then tells Cole to stop correcting him. Yes, because the root problem is being corrected not saying things that require correction.

Great exchange over a backslide leads to a corner charge and then a superkick counter out of the knee for 2. Headbutt barrage from both guys. Knee strike hits for the win! Perfectly fine match, but it never really got out of first gear as a match. Barrett attacks, but Sheamus returns with 99% black and white gear. Brogue kick to Bryan and a White Noise to Dolph. He's got a giant ginger mohawk and has his beard braided - it's ridiculous. YOU LOOK STUPID chant! Graphic for Brock-Seth. THE VIGER ANTE IS HERE! 


Another slideshow. HOF recap. Booker did the most annoying Savage impression yet. C-K team with The Ascension against The New Day and the Lucha Dragons. Dragons get a bit of a chant on their own and then an NXT chant breaks out. MASSIVE Kalisto chant in there with Cesaro, who also got a big chant. Deja vu headscissors takes Cesaro down. NEW-DAYSUCKS! chant breaks out. MASSIVE Ole chant after the break. What the hell? Why did the audio get muted? Xavier says "New Day", fans say "Sucks". JBL says that any reaction is a good reaction. Springboard corkscrew to an Ascension guy. SDS hits and Kalisto wins! Kalisto wins his Raw debut! This might be the peak of his WWE career. Paul tells Brock that HE'S HERE! NEVILLE HYPE VIDEO! Well, that ruled.

Brock came out at 9 PM. SWERVE INCOMING! Belt looks good on Seth and that black and gold gear looks perfect with the belt. Great bit with Seth trying to run, getting beaten up, but saved by the goons. They eat a beating, he runs, and then Brock tosses the table on the commentators and he beats up J and J. F5 threatened to the camera guy and Steph comes out and says he'll get his match...SO HE'LL GET HIS REMATCH! He does the F5 to the guy and COLE and Steph suspends him. This is like the WrestleMania XIX game - BRING ON SECURITY GUARDS AND CONSTRUCTION GUYS FOR BROCK TO DESTROY!


 Cole gets loaded up onto a backboard and get a replay of the destruction! After the video, they're still loading him up. Steph talks to Renee - Brock gets his rematch when she'll say and she's going to fine him. Stardust is out. Oh God. KILL BYRON TOO PLEASE! AND WHY IS MIZDOW HERE AS MIZDOW!? Boy, if this Stardust vs. Mizdow matched needed something, it was sure Byron Saxton flying solo on commentary. EVEN THEN HE DOESN'T CALL THE ACTION! Mizdow wins with the Finale and gets beaten down by Miz. Sting talks on the Network after Raw. Rock and Ronda recap up next. CRIPES - Byron can't even make that seem exciting! WM week media recap. HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT HOW NICE STEPH IS IN REAL LIFE!

AXELMANIA'S RUNNING WILD BROTHERS! THE ROAD TO AX-STREME RULES STARTS! NEVILLE with no first name comes down in a new purple and black cape with his logo on it and new gear! Byron calling this like it's a golf game. Other than that, good debut for Neville in a swift squash. Another WM slideshow. NO FORCE ON EARTH CAN MOVE THE ANNOUNCE TABLE DOWN! Cena comes out with his new shirt and title. LOL @ them muting "sucks" The black shirt and shirts combo is good. Slideshow shows the win. Cena ate this whole reaction up perfectly. THE CHAMP IS HEEEEEERRRREEEEEE! "HERE COMES RUSEV....Maybe not!" WHAT!? Ambrose comes down. Headlock exchange. I've got speakers next to my head and can barely hear Byron.


THANK GOD KING! Boo/yay punches. Elbow off the top to the floor to Cena. AA gets 2 for John. Super AA is countered with elbows and Dean goes for a sunset bomb, but loses him, then does it and CENA NO-SELLS ANYWAY before doing the STF. This is a video game match with infinite finishers. STF by DEAN! Hilarious face by Cena, who escapes, but eats the Dirty Deeds. Another AA wins. Good-ish, but hurt by the commentary. World title slideshow leads to Seth saying he hopes Brock gets a seven figure fine before Orton shows up. He wants a title match, but Show and Kane show up and Seth makes a 6-man tag main event.

BAYLEY SHIRT ON AJ! Despite the shirt, AJ's teaming with Paige and Naomi. They're facing the Bellas and Nattie. WE WANT BAYLEY chant breaks out. Naomi rubs her ass in Nattie's face. Slingshot ass drop to Naomi. They talk about talk shows for a bit. Girls do moves for a while, Nikki has a slip, and SHE CALLS IT THE REAR VIEW wins. Ryback tells Randy he'll team with him.

Rusev comes out to face Goldust. They talk about Cole's injury - he's got a "cervical fracture" RIGHT AFTER PERRO AGUAYO JR dies of one. Rusev squashed Goldust. Cripes. Main event is up next. Another WM slideshow. Heels are out followed by Orton, THE BIG GUY, AND THE BIG DOG! Guys do moves and Show gets a "please retire" chant while Ryback gets a "WE WANT RYBACK!" one. RKO and a spear take out Kane. AND THAT WAS IT!

For the post-show, the faces celebrated and Sting came down. He came out in a new red and black shirt that matches his glittery red jacket nicely. Sting gets a huge chant and says that he felt natural at WM and he felt right at home thanks to the fans. He doesn't know what the future holds...and gets a huge UNDER-TAKER chant. Sting says he'll take whatever he's given  Bo talks to STEVE!

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