Friday, March 13, 2015

WWE NXT 3-4-15

Long Owens recap starts the show with Regal talking about how Riley can't do both. Riley rightfully says Regal did both and Regal says yes, AND I HAVEN'T COMPETED SINCE. I love this - Regal has a logical out to not give the babyface what he wants and it's for his own good. Riley says he's in his prime and he should spend some of that getting his hair fixed up. Regal tells him to make a choice - he'll give him Owens if he's just a commentator.

Rose comes out to face Tyler Breeze, who squashes him. Jersey dudes talk about the champs. Christ almighty does Enzo's face look awful. And gear. We get talk about shit and vomit in one promo. Ugh. Bliss cuts a bad promo about TONIGHT BEING HISTORIC because Charlotte faces Sasha in the main event, and she's mentally recovered from her nose injury. Okay then. Dubstep wubwubs come out to face the amateur guys. Dude with headgear and a mohawk looks horrible. Blake's sky high splash wins. Emma talks about being all wacky and happy in WWE, but now she's back in NXT. Bayley has no idea what to make of this. Rhino highlight reel. Corbin beats a fat dude.

Owens fucks with Riley by pouring his water on his head. Sami cuts a shitty cell phone video from Montreal. CJ talks to Regal and Riley is pissed, while CJ takes credit for busting Kevin's nose and he'll face Riley next week. Okay then. Bull's out to face Crowe, who is a face. Crowe wins by springing off the rope and basically headbutting the mat...yeah that sucked.

Charlotte vs. Sasha is pretty damn good. Running backpack stunner hits for Charlotte. Moonsault is avoided, and Sasha gets her knees up for the front flip. Double knees straightjacket choke. Banks Statement doesn't get it. Big facebuster from Sasha gets 2. Charlotte shoves her off a figure 4 into the rope, kinda. Figure 4 on the post from Charlotte! Sasha avoids a Diamond Dust and wins with a...slightly lewd cover using the ropes.

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