Friday, March 6, 2015

TNA Impact Wrestling 3-6-15

I feel like Barney Gumble outside the Duff brewery covering TNA now. In a weird bit on Unlocked, they went to break teasing a question on what title MVP and Lashley had in common, but didn't answer it after the break. It's the U.S. Title and BOY DOES THAT MAKE THE TNA WORLD TITLE SEEM IMPORTANT. Their world title is as important as the mid-card SmackDown belt! They showed clips of tonight's EY-Angle-Roode 3-way and it looks really good, although I really do have to question EY sky-rocketing up the rankings by beating Tommy Dreamer of all people after losing to Roode, who he of course faces again tonight after their blow-off match. Ranking-wise, MVP's down to 5 while EC3 is 4 and the 3-way guys are in the top 3 spots.


A reasonably epic video hypes up the BDC and the MVP-Lashley match. Josh runs down the card tonight with Taryn facing Kong and the Wolves battling the Revolution. BDC walks down and they recap the title match with Drew coming in and allowing Lashley to win. Kenny King starts the show cutting a promo on Galloway being the chosen one, and he chose to get involved with the BDC. King says you don't mess with the BDC or their money...okay then. MVP cuts a far better promo on Drew and he says he came here a year ago to win the title and Drew prevented that from happening. MVP says he's a giving man and he'll let Drew come out and apologize. Drew comes out through the crowd in a swank grey and black shirt and says he's home. He's happy to be among PRO WRESTLING fans and not sports entertainment fans, which gets a TNA chant. Drew says he's in TNA to stand up for wrestling - well, that explains the #StandUp that showed up the second he appeared that made no sense. Love Drew saying that they're screwing with the fans, then asking the fans their names and saying the BDC is screwing with them. Kenny says he's had enough of the talking and it's time to fight.


HE DEMANDS SATISFACTION! YES! DUELING GLOVE MATCH! Kenny's... I think Scottish accent was terrible. Drew cut another passionate promo and man do they have something with this. I'm not saying Drew is going to turn the company's fortunes around because nothing can, but he feels special right now and is someone they've instantly made a new main eventer in one promo. We come back and the bell rings, but with MVP still out there. King's working in grey sweats that are a bit like the ones I got from Wal-Mart for $6, while Drew's working in nice-looking jeans. Nice snap suplex hits for Drew. CHOP TO THE BACK from Drew - love it! Josh talks about TNA's debut in Germany being the most-watched wrestling show in Germany. Drew hits a TILT A WHIRL SLAM ONTO THE APRON! King gets a neck snap while Taz tells Josh he's spoiled for never working on a ring crew.

 Kenny counters a corner Yakuza kick with a capture suplex. Taz talked about that reminding him of some guy...who was gone. Well, that was a bit sad - that was an Al Bundy lamenting moment there. Double thumbs down indicates the Future Shock, but King counters with a breakdance kick. Kenny goes for a backslide with the ropes, but Drew rolls through into the Future Shock for the win. Dairy Queen is now a TNA sponsor - good on TNA for getting some new money. We go to the booth where Josh has his script tilted up so you can't read it. EY's graphic appears to be a hadouken. Taryn's breasts are front and center for her graphic. Roode's going to come out and talk next.


Roode came out in his new black and red It Factor shirt to no reaction. A fan held up a TT Factor sign. He says no man will stand in his path, Kurt came down to talk, and then EY ran down. EY's green vest looks horrible. Taryn hype video - SHE HAS DISPATCHED HARLOTS, MONSTERS, AND LEGENDS! This was effective. Matt Hardy faces Bram next, but first, Storm talks to Bram - he has something he likes. Big beard? They like what each guy did to other folks, and Storm says there's always room for one more. And then Destination America put up another one of those stupid spoiler videos. If you were wondering who wins TONIGHT'S MAIN EVENT, don't bother - they just told you Kurt wins it to face Lashley on March 20th.


AMAZING hype video for Kurt Angle airs. They really made him seem like the all-time great he is, and with their budget, you'd think that kind of thing could suffer. Bram, who hails from all of England according to Val, came down rapping the billiard ball against his head. Gotta give TNA credit - they really do make little props have some kind of importance. Hardy comes down and they show an Unlocked graphic for later - so I guess they're only doing one clean airing of Impact and doing the rest of them as Unlocked. Corner clothesline/bulldog hits and they go to the floor. Nice new spot where Bram's on the guardrail and he uses his feet to shove Matt's back into the apron. Corner uppercuts from Bram lead to Hardy punches. Big leaping spinkick from Bram gets 2 - nice! Hardy fights back and gets the flying V1 elbow for 2. Side Effect hits for 2. Matt goes up and hits the moonsault for 2. Please don't do that anymore. Low blow leads to the Impaler, now called the BRIGHTER SIDE OF SUFFERING. Just go with the Impaler. Taz calls it the BSOS, which is even dumber. Bram goes to attack with Mr. Turnbuckle, but Magnus came down and attacked him. He cuts a nice promo promising vengeance and says that BRAM'S BLOOD WILL STAIN THE HALLOWED GROUND OF ENGLAND. Fantastic line there. Mr. Anderson meets with Spud AND AN AMAZING UNION JACK SUIT! He's going to end things with EC3 tonight.


Bigfoot preview - show looks awful. Rundown of tonight's events to this point. We see cell phone footage of King being treated by a doctor and berated by Ki. Drew talks bout the BDC talking through the whole show and he says he's out to change that and he's got an army, but he isn't a leader - they stand side by side. EC3-Spud feud recap. I forgot about Ken being hilarious when he returned and the Tyrus shaving, so this served its purpose. Spud's entrance video is a bunch of Union Jacks and his name on a bowtie - love it. Taz talks about Josh being a fashion guy with his new podcast. Josh talks about Spud being from Birmingham, not London as he said before and then Spud thanked his fans for supporting him. He wants EC3 in the ring alone tonight. EC3 came down and we get another announcers booth shot, now with the script shown in the PIP view.


"I WANT TO FIGHT YOU, ETHAN!" God, that name is so perfect for this character - it just sounds like a pussified name. Spud tells him he's tired of hearing about EC3's accomplishments, he knows them, he was there, and he helped him, AND NOW HE WANTS TO END EC3'S STREAK! EC3 accepts with one catch - if he wins, he shaves Spud's head. Spud says sure, if EC3 has the same stipulation. It's amazing - TNA has made a hair vs. hair match seem like a big deal in 2015 - kudos. EC3 said that Spud will lose, while Spud recites EC3's lines about him being a lion, but he's not - HE'S A MAN AND HE'S GOING TO SHAVE EC3 BALD! This was fantastic. Spud is the world's biggest little badass. EY hype video shows him kicking ass, looking tough, and looking pychotic - good stuff here. EY's heel turn and character didn't do much for me until this, but this made it all work.



Kong came out for the KOs title match. Taryn came down and Josh said there have been 38 KOs reigns between 13 champions - amazing that so few have held it in seven years. Taryn charges in and fails. Kong chops away with a backhand and a Mongolian chop before hitting a corner charge. Taryn gets the second rope Hart Attack and just bounces off. Kong rakes the boot on her face in the corner and is really getting a lot out of not being able to do much. Taryn gets an opening and does some corner punches. Apron forearm leads to a neck snap. Crossbody off the top takes her down for the first time for 1. Cutter countered into the chokeslam! Buster countered. Cutter tossed off again. Taz puts over Taryn being hurt and Kong dominates on the ropes, but she shoves the ref for a DQ. Taryn slinks away, but gets tossed into the steps in a horrifying fashion. Josh just casually talks about everything but that. Gail saves Taryn from an Implant Buster on the floor. She gets a billion forearms and bumps like a champ for her. Wolves-Revolution recap - thank God for this, because I forgot the whole deal about Davey almost becoming a member. Davey cuts a promo, now with goofy claw marks in the right side of his hair, about defending the Wolves Nation.


 Roode hype video makes him come off like a top star too. They're really doing an amazing job of maximizing everything tonight. Love Josh talking about how Storm has had six of TNA's 38 total tag title reigns. I dug them having the other guys jump the faces without that being obvious since they didn't come down with the champs. Goofy bit where they make Abyss accidentally DDT Storm. Taz talks about being in a revolution many years ago, leading to Josh pondering if it was the revolutionary war. Someone jumped someone, but it wasn't shown on TV, so they didn't see it and neither did we. Bell ringer from Storm to Davey. Great tree falling bump from Davey off a Storm uppercut. RVD-style back kick saves Davey. Hot tag to Eddie. Lariats aplenty! Corner high kick sets up a running backpack stunner for 2. Alarm Clock to Storm.


 Abyss distracts the ref while they cheat. Storm gets a back cracker and an eye of the storm for 2! Matt comes down to even things out a bit. O Connor roll gets 2 while an RKO style leaping neckbreaker from Storm sets up a tag. This is the best Storm has looked in a while. Double chokeslam flip by the wolves leads to a double clothesline to the floor and a double dive to the goons and then the champs. AND THEN THEY DIVE ON THE CHAMPS AGAIN! THREE TIMES! King Cuerno's triple dive was cooler, but this still ruled. Manik and Sanada come in, but Sanada accidentally mists Manik. Abyss gets the bell, but Matt Twists him, Eddie double stomps him, then Davey does and they win the belts! Hammer of the Gods is the name of the finisher while Taz talks about being baffled by everything. Storm slaps Koya while the faces celebrate. Main event is next.

Taz recaps the match and we go backstage to the Wolves and Matt - Matt wants the Hardys-Wolves again when Jeff gets back. EC3-Spud recap. Hair vs. Hair is next week. Ditto Bram vs. Magnus. EY came out to his new shitty theme - just use that hype video song, it was way better. Roode gets a full intro, while Kurt's is truncated. Things start with an EY-Roode brawl on the floor before the bell. Double backdrop to EY, who is then sent to the floor.  Kurt's first spot is a German to Roode and then an overhead belly to belly. Blockbuster from Roode to Kurt gets 2 thanks to EY. EY holds onto the ref and prevents a German before posting Kurt's shoulder. EY attacks Roode with a falling forearm ala Bret. Josh ran down who former champions in TNA were. EY neckbreaker hits, but Roode gets a small package for 2. Tower of Doom to Roode. Five Germans to EY. Make that six. Seven! Eight! Nine! TEN GERMANS and a big release leads to a big bump from EY. Roode bomb is countered, but he gets the crossface. Kurt grabs the ankle and gets the lock on. Spinebuster hits EY, but Angle slam to Roode gets 2. EY chairshots Roode's unprotected head on the apron. EY is taken out, Kurt gets the slam and wins. This was fine, but never got out of first gear. "BIG BAD NASHLEY LASHLEY!" Thanks, Taz! Lashley comes down and congratulates Kurt while the commentators hype up their first meeting. Roode-EY is announced for next week in a last man standing match.


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