Friday, March 6, 2015

WWE SD 3-5-15

Generic SD intro leads to Dolph coming out and cutting a promo with the IC belt. Barrett comes out and Harper attacks Dolph. Everyone else in this fights and Truth leaves with the belt. Love him asking Renee where Gene Ambrose is, her saying it's Dean, and him not giving a damn which one it is. Swiss Fact Club beat the Matadores with the ref counting from the floor on the apron. Show and Kane bickered and Show mocked him for his Men's Wearhouse suit. Ryback came out in green and white - his gear designs just look worse and worse. HE'S FACING KANE! Nononono. Show and Kane argue, Ryback hits a Meathook and wins. Show is put into a match against Ryback. Yay - TWO RYBACK MATCHES! Kane gets in there and that isn't a DQ for some reason and THE DISTRACTION LEADS TO A KO PUNCH AND A WIN. Ref and Ryback looked bad here. Bray did a promo with the urn.

 Sheamus vid. Stewart-Seth video with mainstream coverage of it. Bellas cut a promo on AJ and the other divas. AJ wins with the black widow after Paige and Nikki brawl on the floor a bit. A New Day faces the Mizes. Rundown of the commercial. King talks about trying Niagra and having a stiff neck for a week. Mizdow leaves Miz and Big E beats Miz. Byron talked about Mr. McMahon's INSPIRING STORY IN MUSCLE AND FITNESS with a cover on how to get bigger and stronger over 40.

Heyman promo led to a Brock highlight reel. Roman said words backstage. Swagger got killed by Rusev. AXELMANIA PROMO - Axel battles Rusev, brother! It's not for the title though - he wants to save that for WM. Cameron talks about #talkcameronachance while Summer and Eva basically reminded everyone they exist. TRUTH IS ON COMMENTARY! Dolph and Dean face Luke and Barrett. Truth calling Byron Byron Jackson amused me. King saying Byron's just there for an alibi seemed bit odd. Superkick>zag on Harper gets the win. Everyone fights and Truth tries to leave, but Bryan comes down and gets it, but Stardust jumps him. He hissed and climbed a ladder. Well, he and Dustin should be in that instead of a singles match - it's a bigger match, will be better, and their singles match sucked.

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