Friday, March 13, 2015

WWE SD 3-12-15

There is an hour and 24 minutes of original content on this show, so it really makes no sense to watch this show live ever - especially since "original" isn't counting filler. Speaking of which, the generic show intro starts this off. Bryan comes out and talks and they recap the IC Title idiocy. Bryan talks about how he can't fight for the WWE Title, but he'll fight for the title his idols fought for at WM - the Intercontinental title. Everyone else in this mix came out and talked. Everyone fights and Dean wins out. Matadors and the champs face New Day and the Usos next.

Usos got an intro while the Matadors talked about doing whatever it takes to get a WM moment. Big Uso dive led to an idiotic bit where XAVIER DID A FLIP DIVE ONTO THE USO! Matadors do a switcheroo and win with a backstabber. Stupid Sting-HHH vid re-airs. Cena-Rusev hype. Ryback demolished Miz, who four years ago, main evented WM. Brock-Heyman hype vid sets up a Roman promo and Henry saying that he's had his heritage talked about before - and that ROMAN CAN'T DO IT! Henry says he's the world's strongest man, he has an identity, and that's more than anyone can say about Roman. Goddamn. Henry, THE FORMER WORLD CHAMPION, rightfully tells Roman he hasn't done much, and Roman Superman punches him after a shove. I like the quick dash leading to a barricade spear. Divas tag has Paige win with the PTO.

Henry, the heel in this theoretically, issued a challenge to the man who cheapshotted him tonight for Raw. Dolph does a Cricket voice is heard deal inviting girls to SD. Orton does a sitdown with Cole talking about how the cutdown thing wasn't the smartest thing. Yeah, no shit. Face IC guys faced the heel IC guys for the main event. Everyone did their moves and Bryan won with the flying knee. Dean calls Bryan a turd and then Dolph agreed. Okay, so not only is that stupid, but it doesn't fit either of their characters and it hurts Bryan. BECAUSE IF THERE'S ONE THING YOU NEED IN THIS ERA, IT'S FEWER STARS. Fucking Hell.