Friday, March 6, 2015

WWE NXT 2-25-15

Basic show open leads to Itami-Bull. Kinda boring chinlock-heavy match. Itami wins with a running calf kick, which isn't even his worst finisher in NXT, but is still bad. Tyler attacks and uses the selfie stick to show off his damage. ITAMI GETS UP AND ATTACKS. Love it. Crowd chants for a GTS. Sasha faces Charlotte next week and Bayley faces Becky later. Finn battles The Brian Kendrick in a SURPRISE MATCH, which is no longer a surprise. It's the main event though, so it evens out. THE BRIAN KENDRICK highlight reel - that was a super-fun gimmick. He just oozed charisma with it and that shined brightly here. Lucha Dragons face Tye and Jordan, but Crowe's hack leads to a stairwell promo about wanting to be NXT Champion.


Jordan leaves Tye and the Dragons win with SDS and the swanton. Balor talks about facing a former tag team champion and he can't look past him. Tye, WHO WAS SEEMINGLY TURNED ON, stayed mid-ring and bitched like a heel and challenged the next guy. He got beat by Baron. Charlotte cut a horrid promo with some woman. Tyler talks about Itami. Zayn in Abu Dabi highlight reel. Bayley and her super-fun theme hit. Becky and her horrid gear came out and headbanged a ton.Good little match here - they hit their moves and Becky won with a Fujiwara armbar transitioned into a Nagata shoulder lock for the win.

Rhyno says he's here to make a statement and climb to the top with the GORE GORE GORE! Jordan leaves and says he'll explain it when he wants. Kendrick comes out and a fan DOES HIS DANCE! Corey calls Kendrick the post-apocalyptic scavenger and Byron puts him over as half of the longest-reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in history. Women scream for Balor now. Wow. Kevin is on commentary saying he's just here to do right by his family. Riley talks about Owens having his son in the crowd and tweeting a photo of his daughter with the title and sacrificing a lot for his family. Love Kevin asking just why Finn is giving Brian space to recover from a knee injury. Owens says he has no room for compassion and that unlike Riley, he's held a title in WWE. Riley says he wouldn't have done with Kevin did to his friend. Owens leaves. Flying tornado DDT gets 2 and an amazing pissed off face from Kendrick.

Missile dropkick hits as does a nasty Tiger suplex for 2. It looked far better in the replay as you can see he took a good bump, but then flipped to the top of his head to make it look worse. Balor gets a flying lariat. Rushing dropkick hits and gets a win with the double stomp. It's amazing how Finn debuted later than Itami and yet he's a main event player while Itami is basically Virgil. Kevin comes back and throws Riley over the announce table to the floor and since he's a solid hand, he takes a great bump unlike Cole's falling whoopsie.

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