Friday, March 13, 2015

WWE NXT 3-11-15

Enzo's out and Cass and his gut are out too. Love Enzo comparing the Dragons to the Geico lizard. After a boring match, the Jersey dudes win with a rocket launcher. Riley hype vid set to his theme - that is such a great theme. Carmella came out and boy does she not look good. I don't know if it's her hair or whatever she's got on her face. It's not complimentary to her. She's also in horizontal stripes, which never helped anyone ever. After 17,000 years of sloppy, bad action, Bliss won with the top rope sparkle splash.

Riley came out and looks a bit like a goober with the hair, but he's got a lot of fire. Moonlight Drive hits leading to a Blockbuster for the win. Owens came out and called him an idiot - and that back tat is proof. Owens says Riley ended his commentary career to fight him, and now he'll have to end his in-ring career too, and he'll take out Balor as well. Awesome. Breeze and Itami had a long, bad match that Breeze won. THANK GOD KENTA CAME TO WWE. He's being used better than Okada was in TNA, but Jesus is he wasting his time here.

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