Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jerry Springer Too Hot for TV Episode 1 - Love Hurts

The intro features a ton of censored clips with a bit of thong and cleavage stuff thrown in. A CG brick set is behind Jerry as he says love hurts in WWE. Marc Mero and Sable are recapped in '97 before he comes back as "Marvelous" Marc, the jealous lover. We get a bit of sideboob as she's interrupted by Marc putting her dress on. They've got all the HD cropping going on here, so they have an easy out for some censorship if they need it. Mero's freakout during the potato sack bit is shown. We see some bare-assed shots from her cheesecake video and the Sable bomb.


Lita-Dean stuff, Rock and Lilian, Batista-Melina, and the XXX Files. Show-Vickie, Nicole-Val, Chyna-Eddie, Dawn-Torrie, Trish-Jericho, and best of all - Edge-Lita. Steph wedding montage, including HHH admitting to basically date rape with Steph. The cropping really ruins the classic HHH-Trish shot. HHH-Steph divorce angle including HHH hitting the traditional pedigree to Vince. Dawn-Al montage where they bring up his erection and show the death angle.

Billy and Chuck recap. These two really did have great chemistry as a team, and hey, they made a star (temporarily) out of Chuck Palumbo. The Bischoff makeup remains fantastic even now. AND THEN THEY SHOW THE SWERVE of them not actually being gay, and thus undoing any progression with it. Rico is pissed and man is Eric great. They cut out the 3 Minutes bit, but show the 3MW invasion.

Sexual Chocolate montage. I could've lived a lifetime without seeing Mark Henry with a ballgag in his mouth. Henry-Mae montage leads to Henry-Chyna. Sammy montage, including Sammy going down on Mark. "OH SWEET JESUS, YOU GOTTA PENIS!" If they actually had Henry's mother in the crowd for this angle...ugh. He's earned his money just for this idiocy. Usual final This was like a censored clip show of the Attitude era. Other than the Sable stuff, nothing really delivered on the fanservice.

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