Monday, April 13, 2015

WWE SmackDown 4-9-15

A bit late with this, but it's SmackDown and I really didn't care about it after reading the spoilers. Bryan comes out and says the IC Title only means as much as the actions of the man who holds it - so he wants to make the IC Title mean even more. Sheamus and BNB come out to deliver a European-style arse-kickin because they can. Dolph comes down, then Show, then THE BIG DOG! Beats CK are backstage with Nattie for a match. They're facing the New Day, and Byron says he did The New Day thing because HE WAS LATE TO BINGO and it helped him. New Day runs wild for a break. Snap uppercut on the floor leads to Kidd hitting the Credenza for the win.

Raw Rebound. AXELMANIA faces Neville. Neville wins a squash. Nattie and Alicia argue, and Cameron will be the ref for their match. They have a largely bad match and Nattie wins with the Sharpshooter. That might be Cameron's new favorite match of all time. ROWAN HYPE VIDEO! This leads to Wyatt squashing him. Boy has everyone's career flourished since this group ended. Miz TV features Summer Rae. She talks about Miz not winning the "Entree the Giant" battle royal. Mizdow fights Miz and steals a kiss from Summer Rae. WWE IS AMAZING, LOOK AT HOW AMAZING WWE IS video.

Main event time. Show kills Dolph with the chop and we get that awesome corner cam showing off how ungodly stupid Dolph's hair is - even in a match with Sheamus! Nothing much between BNB and Dolph. Sheamus dominates - I love this new act. Bryan runs wild until BNB comes in. Show dominates him too. A "WE WANT ROMAN" chant breaks out. Fallaway slam into the Finlay roll leads to a Bryan DDT and Roman getting a tag. Roman, WHO DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR 99% OF THE MATCH, got the win after a spear.

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