Thursday, April 16, 2015

NXT 4-8-15

This is an Andre battle royal tourney. This is pre-WM at Axxess and Neville makes his intro with the men's room in the background. Fun match here with Itami busting out a swank flying clothesline off the top and Itami getting a dragon sleeper, and Neville landing a superkick flush for 2. SSP misses, but it opens Itami up for some corner strikes and the shotgun kick for the win!

Balor-Breeze features Balor in his new BALOR demon face gear. Slingblade sets up the double foot stomp and the win. Itami-Balor 2 is set up and is next after an NXT Axxess video. Lots of kicks and knee strikes here. Sweet bit with an Itami high kick leads to Balor falling into a Pele! Balor avoids the GTS and gets a cradle for 2. Shotgun kicks hits for the win!

Mini-KENTA doc features HHH saying KENTA left Japan and his wife and kids while they're in his old REVERSAL shirts - he even gets some promo shots taken in it too. Seth tells KENTA that it took him three years to make it to WM and it only took him six months. And they of course do all of this great hype to show him being squashed in the battle royal and even keep in the commentary burying him. Loved seeing the roster congratulate him - especially Bryan after their classics in ROH. This was all Itami, and a really fun show overall.

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