Thursday, April 16, 2015

NXT 4-15-15

CJ Parker's out to face Solomon Crowe, who still has awful gear, a bad fake take, and troll hair. He does have a new finisher though - the stretch muffler instead of the bounce house splash. Baron squashed a guy and Sami talks about Rhyno. Jersey guys are out to face Shoot Nation. Nothing special here and the faces win with a swinging uranage and a rocket launcher. Riley has RAGE and he wants to face Owens again.

Blue Pants is out to face Dana Brooke. Dana takes control with a modified snake eyes and a punt right to the crotch on the mat...okay. That got an audible OOOH from the crowd. Brooke gets ground and pound with more light than a 100 watt bulb. Handstand choke with the foot seems goofy. Cradle Shock wins for Dana...who needs a lot of work, but she has presence to her. Sami faced Rhyno is a perfectly fine little match. Rhyno can definitely still go, but Sami isn't a good style fit for him. Sami beats a guy with Kevin's bulky build via the Helluva kick to set up their rematch.

Screens -


  1. Don't u have any more pix of Dana from nxt and the match card pix for next week Owens vs Riley and the 3 way divas match