Sunday, April 12, 2015

TNA Impact 4-10-15 Rundown

EY-Angle-Lashley opening was fine - it was short and set up the main event. Gail-Kong was good for what Kong can do now. Revolution three-way was short, but fine. Khoya finally had a chance to shine and he'll benefit from being in a tag team regularly. Loved everything about the Rising-BDC talking segment. Eli Drake and Myka were fantastic.

The actual six-man tag was good-ish, although Mika didn't look nearly as good in the ring as either of his partners. Homicide's return was fine, I guess. Nothing really wrong with it, but it didn't excite me.
DJZ vs. Davey was fun - Z's needed a showcase and got it here. Everyone talking about the tag title tourney was fun...and then they spoiled the tourney hyping up next week's show. World Title three-way was good, although I don't like this EY character getting a big push, I do like him getting one.

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