Thursday, April 16, 2015

NXT 4-1-15

NXT generally doesn't interest me outside of the specials, so let's do a little marathon. Sami starts the show with a promo. Crowd wants him to kick Owens' ass, and he will! Rhyno destroys some guy and wants the NXT Title. Dana Brooke video. Highlight of Owens-Balor leads to Owens saying no one's taking his title. Bayley's out to face Emma. Corey absolutely buries the Emma____ moves, and Bayley wins with a sunset flip. Becky Lynch is all about winning the title. Lucha Dragons face Blake and Murphy. Good little match here which the champs win with the running suplex>frog splash combo.

Rhyno tells Sami that the road to the title starts behind him. Jason Jordan beats Dillinger in a fairly basic match with a basic t-bone. Itami-Breeze highlight package sets up their 2/3 falls match. Itami's style is kick and he destroys him and wins the first fall with the shotgun kick in a minute. Beauty shot hits for 3 out of this stip really served no purpose. Kicks and tornado shot...Breeze wins. Okay then. Nothing special here in any way - very skippable show.

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