Monday, April 20, 2015

WWE SD 4-16-15

Generic show intro sets up WE'RE IN THE UK and a Cena-Rusev recap. CKidd came down to DROP FACTS, they're the best champions in WWE today...well, that's clearly wrong since they lost on Raw to one guy. Bryan comes down and we'll get Bryan and Cena against CKidd. Bray squashes Truth. Paige injury angle recap. Roman chokeslam deal is recapped. Miz says stuff and BAD NEWS is out and beats Miz with just the elbow. Wow. Miz went from main eventing WM to this. Thank God, another Raw recap - for Orton-Seth.

Mizdow meets with Miz and says on Raw, he'll face him for the Miz brand. Okay. Sheamus buries Neville for being short, then gets DQed for kicking his ass too much. He kicks his ass more before Dolph comes out to save him. Dolph in his busted-up denim vest looks awful, and they made Sheamus-Dolph a "kiss me arse" match. New Day beats the Puerto Rican bullfighters in a nothing match.

Fandango recap leads to Rosa being dumped officially, but Adam Rose showing interest. Well, so much for Fandango having even the illusion of career progression. Big Show comes out to talk to and sit on the car he smashed Roman on. Riveting. Nattie's cleavage faces Alicia and Cameron in a three way. Alicia "hits" the scissors kick, but gets tossed out and Cameron wins. Fandango faces Rose and beats him with a distraction schoolboy thanks to Rosa talking to Rose for whatever reason mid-match. Bray says words.

Main event gets about 8 minutes. Cena as always, has great chemistry with Cesaro. Kidd being in there with Cena works well too - give him a TV match against him. Bryan tags in and gets a series of kick. Great bit where Kidd knocks Nattie off the apron so Cesaro catches her, then flings her down when he sees Tyson in the Yes Lock. Cena AAs him and the faces win. Nothing match for a nothing show.

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