Sunday, April 5, 2015

NJPW Invasion Attack 2015

 I've got NJPW World going through my laptop now and hooked up to my capture card through HDMI, so this is a far better option than using the Fire TV Stick. I kind of wish I'd always done this since, but whatever. Video quality is damn near perfect other than occasional buffering. The opening 10 man tag is up. Shelley, KUSHIDA, Captain NJPW, Nagata, and Komatsu face Liger, Tiger Mask, Taguchi, Nakanishi, and Tanaka. Captain's blue camo gear is great. Nakanishi hits a slow lariat to take Nagata down for 2. Natata counters the rack into a German attempt and then THE CRAZY EYE ARMBAR! Funky Weapon comes in to literally get his ass kicked. Liger and KUSHIDA speed things up with a surfboard and dragon sleeper. KUSHIDA springboard elbow to Liger and Tiger. Captain misses a shoulder dive to Taguchi by several miles. CAPTAIN HITS THE SHOULDER BLOCK ON Komatsu!

Tanaka avoids some attacks by the Splitters, but Taguchi runs in for ass attacks that miss. Schwein to Tanaka hits for Shelley and gets the win. Tencozy and Honma face the Bullet Club B-Team of Takahashi, Cody, and Tama Tonga. CODY HAS ORIGINAL GEAR! HONMA HEADBUTTS TO TONGA! Headbutt to Hall, but Tenzan has enough of that shit before Takahashi comes in and eats a Calf Branding. Tonga comes in and chokes away. Takahashi comes in to cockily kick away. KOJIMA COMES IN AND CHOPS AND CHOPS AND CHOPS! Corner elbow! Goddamn do I loves me some Kojima - I really should watch more of his older stuff on this service. FOREARMS! Yup - definitely need to do that and play more in FPR with him. Takahashi bites his way out of a cutter and hits a fisherman's buster. Spinning lariat from Hall hits and gets 2. God, he's tall! 3D to Cody! HOMA DIVING HEADBUTT GETS THE WIN! Takahashi leaves with his five star piece of ass.

IWGP Jr Tag Team title match is up - RPG Vice vs. the Young Bucks. Barreta and Nick start this off - I cannot tell the Bucks apart unless they're head on. Nick's the smarmier-looking motherfucker, and eats a chop off a "suck it" bit. Trent runs back and forth before hopping in...for a face rake. Romero kick sets up a Trentsault for 2. I love RPG Vice trolling them. Great bit with the Bucks teasing a countout, HITTING A SUPERKICK AND THEN LEADING TO A 19 COUNT! Oh my God, that was amazing!

Back rake to Trent in the corner. Now back to the greatness of that countout tease. They took a spot that hasn't been treated seriously in eons and not only brought it back, but put a brand-new spin on it. They're the modern-day Midnight Express. Further proof is when one Buck drags hte other back to their corner to make the legal tag. RUNNING SUCKITSUCKITSUCKITSUCKITSUCKIT LARIAT IN THE CORNER! Buck bridge swanton gets 2.5. IndyTaker is avoided with a kick and Romero tosses one Buck into the corner, but a rana is met with a superkick AND INDYTAKER FOR 2. SUPERKICK PARTY TO TRENT! More Bang is avoided and a bllind tag is made. TRENT DRIVER IS ASSISTED FOR THE WIN! Big upset! RAPONGI VICE!


Jr Heavyweight Title match is up with Omaga facing Dorada. Dorada's out first, followed by The Cleaner. Tumbling routine starts. Headscissors takes Omaga out and then a suicide dive hits. Omega chucks him into the barricade and powerbombs him down and DOES THE LA PARK DANCE! Mid-ring camel clutch, but Dorada makes it to the ropes. Big Omega backbreaker hits for 2! Chops follow from the champ, but he eats some as well. Omega teases a chop and gets an eye poke and is called a DIRTY FIGHTER for it. Finlay roll hits perfectly and leads to a running SSP that misses. Seamless pop up into a Bulldog powerslam setup, but Dorada gets a tornado DDT! Run up into a dropkick to the chest for Dorada. Omega gets a forearm on the apron, BUT EATS A RUNNING RANA OVER THE TOP! HOLY GIF! Tilt a whirl into a stretch muffler is turned into a crucifix for 2. The spinning Argentine backbreaker hits for 2. Dorada sunset gets 2. Overhand chop from Dorada hits and gets another 2 off a sunset flip. With how stiff Pentagon Jr is, he'd be so great in New Japan. ROPE WALK RANA FROM DORADA GETS 2!

Ropewalk moonsault gets 2 and he yells BULLSHIT, leading to an Omega German for 2. Omega goes for his Electric Chair buster, but it's countered. Second one hits for the win! Omega cuts a promo on the old guys, and he says he is the master of the darkened custodial arts. He's beaten Japanese garbage, Mexican garbage, and now it's time to take out MOTOR CITY GARBAGE! YES! We're getting Shelley-Kenny! IWGP Tag Team Title match is up with Taven and Bennett against the Bullet Club. Fantastic ass shots for Maria, who made this team a babyface instantly. Doc now has a total NWO-style logo on his singlet.


Collar and elbow starts things off. Then they get distracted by Maria's ass, the heels try to trap her outside, so she runs in and Bennet makes the save. Doc runs wild with punches and a snap suplex before calling Maria and bitch and getting 2. Bennet gets a missile dropkick for a hope spot, but Karl tags in and eats soke kicks from Taven. TWIST OF FATE FROM BENNETT, and a swanton gets 2. Bennet accidentally spears Taven and eats a pump kick from Doc. Corner attacks hit Bennett as does a backdrop>neckbreaker for 2. Pumphandle neckbreaker hits for 2 for Karl. Taven crossbody sends he and Doc over the top, but Karl gets 2 off of something. Maria seduces Karl and is ADORABLE, and sets up a comeback with a superkick, spear, and Taker dive. SPRINGBOARD SPIKE PILEDRIVER GETS THE WIN AND THE BELTS!


G1 Climax rundown - Alberto is doing it. Card rundown for the intermission. Okada DVD ad - this thing looks hilarious. I'm pretty sure that Fale vs. Okada is next. Nope, it's Makabe, Goto, and Naito against Nakamura, Ishii, and YOSHI-HASHI! Nice intros here - with HASHI looking really major league. Goto and Nak go at it. Corner foot vibration. MAKABE-ISHII MIDRING FOREARMS AND CHOPS AND HEABUTTS AND CHOPS AND FOREARMS! Great Ishii-Naito exchange leads to MORE FIGHTING FROM ISHII AND MAKABE! Ishii chain shot on the floor to Makabe. Ishii tags in Naito to attack in the corner. HASHI comes in and chops away.

Naito fights out of a powerbomb and avoids a suplex with a back elbow before eating a chop. Jumping elbow hits perfectly. Makabe and Ishii RESUMED ATTACKING EACH OTHER. Angels sing when Makabe and Ishii go to war. Ishii is NOT AMUSED AT ALL by Makabe's lariats, so he must respond in kind, but he eats a big lariat and goes down. Kneeling powerbomb gets 2 for Makabe. Corner forearms fire Ishii up. Nakamura comes in with a pop-up kick.

Goto comes in with some strikes. Goto lariat and spin kick combos. Mid-ring forearm exchange between Nakamura and Goto. Bom-a-ye is avoided thanks to Naito's dropkick and Makabe gets a one-man double clothesline. Running calf kick from Nakamura to Goto. Running knee misses, but a flying bom-a-ye hits! Samoan driver over the knee hits for Goto! Saito suplex gets 2. Goto slap out of a Hashi close call. Big slap hits Nakamura before the Shouten Kai gets the win! NICE! New IC Title program is set! ISHII AND MAKABE RESUME THE ATTACK, but Naito and young boys break it up. This was a super-fun match.



Tanahashi and Shibata team up against Yano and Sakuraba. YANO IS GOING TO GET WATER ON THAT DVD! Love Yano running from Tanahashi. Saku and Shibata roll aroudn for a bit in a legbar.
Shibata rocking the chest hair works for him. You know what's so great about guys simulating MMA instead of actually doing it? They can do it damn near forever, make money off the MMA run, and then extend a pro wrestling career with a largely bump-free style. They're getting minutes out of just teasing strikes. Saku kick is captured, but Tana tags i before a suplex hits and we get a clean break. Snapmare into a kneedrop from Tana to Saku. YANO TOSSES TANA INTO THE BARRICADE!

Saku kicks his chest in and gets a leaping double stomp to...the air above his head. Yano comes in and stomps away. Toss into The exposed buckle hurts hte Ace. Shibata tries a save, but goes flying into it too. Tana's back goes in again while Shibata's back hits the barricade. Tana gets some elbows and punches to Yano. HAIR GRAB, but Tana gets a slap. SCHOOLBOY GETS A 2.9! Flying forearm comeback for Tana. Young girls go crazy and Yano gets a hair pull. While congratulating himself by pointing to his genius-like head, HE GETS HIS HAIR PULLED AND GOES DOWN!


Shibata runs wild with strieks in the corner to Saku. Shibata, plz don't kill old man Saku. kthx. He pulls his rash guard over his head AND HITS A BASEMENT KICK AND A FIGURE FOUR! SAKU REVERSES WITH THE RASH GUARD OVER HIS HEAD! AWESOME! Back and foth sleepers  lead to a Tana save. Shibata gets the ropes. Snap fireman's carry into a Kimura by Saku gets the win! This was a blast!

The fall of Okada since Wrestle Kingdom 9 is chronicled, so Okada-Fale should be next. Okada's headstrong, but gets taken down. He does get the Underboss down though. Big shoulder charge by Fale. Another one on the floor. Without the blonde hair, he reminds me of a Samoan version of NOD Kama Mustafa. Tonga attacks Gado on the floor. Yet another 18 count spot here. A LONG NERVE HOLD is not what I want at 5:52 AM.

Thankfully, that ends and we get more mid-ring forearms and a BIG BOOT EXCHANGE! Okada sends him to the floor with a lariat. They fight on the floor and Okada sends him into the crowd and goes for a dive, but he's caught. Snake Eyes are teased, but he gets a lariat over the barricade. This is some gorgeous gear for Okada - very easy to remake in a game relative to his other stuff. DDT>nip up from Okada.

HO TRAIN FROM THE SAMOAN GODFATHER leads to a big splash and 2. Asiatic spike is countered with a European uppercut. Snake Eyes countered and Okada gets a big slam! Flying BOYA TOYA ELBOW! Spike countered into a corner attack. Back Luck Fall countered into the over the knee neckbreaker! Tombstone attempt, but Fale is just too fat!


Big boot from Okada is countered with a spear! 2.5! Top rope falling sofa splash from Fale gets 2. FALL AVOIDED! BIG DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Rainmaker countered into hte spike, German suplex gets 2. DROPKICK AFTER ELBOWS! SLOW, STRUGGLING TOMBSTONE LEADS TO THE RAINMAKER AND THE WIN!

 Great hype video shows off the rise of Ibushi over the past year as well as AJ's path of title-based destruction. They can really do something special here having Ibushi win - and they've got a built in deal with Nakamura going for the title since he beat Ibushi at WK 9. We start off with a stalemate in the corner and a clean break from AJ. Quick back and forth leads to AJ getting a minor lead and telling Ibushi he's not ready.

Again, if he is - then the win means that much more. If he loses, well, he isn't ready now, but win be. Drop toeholds send AJ down leading to a "motherfucker!" Headscissor exchange leads to a backslide for 1 and a small package for 1. AJ gets a jackknife and then flips right into THE MOVE OF DEATH, but Ibushi counters that into a cradle for 2. AJ is now pissed and more prone to making a mistake. Back and forth kick grab leads to an eye rake from AJ and a big elbow from Ibushi before Ibushi gets a PK! AJ DROPKICK HITS! Triangle dive from Ibushi is countered into an attack by AJ. Ibushi gets a triangle moonsault, but lands on his feet and eats a RELEASE GERMAN ON THE FLOOR WITH AN OVERHEAD LANDING! 19.5! AJ gets his flying knee, but doesn't cover.
AJ kicks away and gets a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Ibushi avoids the Bloody Sunday with elbows. Dropdown>Dropkick by AJ. AJ talks shit on the floor, tells him he'll never have the belt, and then Snake Eyes's him right on the railing next to it. Once again, any finish here is the right one. AJ being too cocky fits the story here and can be used as the root for a future face turn. Ibushi winning cements him as the top rising star of 2015 with a lot of momentum, while Nakamura has a valid gribe. Muta lock by AJ leads to a basic Indian deathlock with a snap. AJ grinds away with a chinlock.


AJ dominates and goes for the flying standing elbow, but Ibushi kicks him to the floor! BIG kicks from Ibushi send AJ down while a standing moonsault gets 2. AJ gets a kneebreaker and starts working on the leg on the mat. Ibushi lands a kick and gets the triangle moonsault on the floor...barely. SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK FROM IBUSHI! AJ counters with a corner kick, but eats a powerslam and a Lionsault for 2.5! Straightjacket German gets 2! Ibushi goes for a superplex, but it's countered perfectly. Love AJ using the unique structure of the buckle pad to kick off of it and hit a suplex into a corner. SEAMLESS MOONSAULT DDT HITS FOR 2.5! That was the best Phenomenal DDT he's ever hit! Back and forth strike exchange leads to DUELING PELES, WON BY IBUSHI!


Ibushi goes for the apron to ring German, but it's countered. DIVING ELBOW HITS FOR AJ! Back suplex to facebuster hits for AJ and gets 2! BRAINBUSTER from AJ! Gun to the head sets up the Clash, but Ibushi kicks his way out. AJ gets the calf killer! Ibushi rolls out, but it's locked back in! Ibushi gets the ropes for a save.


AJ tells him he should've given up. Ibushi clutches the leg and no doubt feels that same way to soem degree, but AJ gets cocky and eats a series of jumping knees that couldn't have been hit if he wasn't holding Ibushi up to mock him. Big lariat hits for AJ! They go up top, but AJ GOES FOR A SUPER CLASH that Ibushi counters. POP UP RANA FROM IBUSHI HITS FOR 2.5! We get a crowd pan and they're beyond hyped! AJ gets out of the falling Last Ride, but eats a big lariat! Falling powerbomb hits for 2! Ibushi goes up for the Phoenix Splash, but Kenny distracts him. PHOENIX SPLASH INTO A RANA IS COUNTERED INTO THE CLASH! HOLY SHIT THIS WAS AMAZING!


AJ celebrates with the Club. OKADA COMING BACK TO GET WHAT WAS STOLEN FROM HIM! This is so perfect - the pre-match video showed AJ taking the title from Okada one year ago, and now, Okada is back for his title. One year ago, AJ took Okada's title - and now Okada has his confidence back and is ready to take the title back and claim his true title as the Ace of New Japan. This was just brilliant!


Screens part 1 -

Screens part 2 - 

Screens part 3-


  1. Nice! Love what you're doing here. Started following NJPW in and off for about a year now; full on since World surfaced and have been trying to do a similar review and commentary blog since then. If you get a chance, please give it a look:

    I'm also @mondocurrymark on twitter.

    I'll keep up with what you're doing over here.

    Gotta keep the NJPW love going!

  2. Glad to have you here - this show ruled!

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