Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WWE King of the Ring 2015

WWE did a pretty horrible job hyping this up, but the brackets do showcase a series of good matches. Vergne gets a tribute graphic to start things off. Generic KOTR video from Raw airs here. King comes down to hype up the tournament as best he could given that it's a total rushjob that they botched despite a tourney being so easy to book. Filler with a Raw recap - so even with this being a one hour show, they don't feel much of a need to give things time.

MORE FILLER WITH BYRON INTERVIEWING SHEAMUS. Sheamus really wants a lot of men to kiss his ass. MORE FILLER WITH RENEE INTERVIEWING NEVILLE. At 8:08, we get to the first match on this one hour show. Sheamus looks so awesome with this lighting setup for his intro. THEMANTHATGRAVITYFORGOTTHENEWSENSATIONNEVILLE came out afterwards.


 I should really get around to updating Neville's gear in FPR - it looks like it would be fairly easy to do and get it more accurate than his old stuff. Tilt a whirl backbreaker takes Neville down. Corner knee sets up a basic kneelift. Neville gets a brief break with a flying forearm. Neville avoids the chest clubbering, so Sheamus nailed the ribs and chucked him into the announce table while JBL called him ugly. White Noise hits before Dolph talks to him for a bit. Neville gets a Cro Cop kick and the Red Arrow for the win. So a "little fella" can only beat a big guy with help.


 Dolph rattles on for a bit about THE STIPULATION - he wants Sheamus to kiss HIS BACKSIDE! They get into a sissy fight. Jesus. Sheamus got fucked up. Didn't even get busted up on something that looked good. The nine year-long WWE Network video package aired.

Recap of Dolph pounding on Sheamus - this is a bit of filler, but it does give that some context. Neville is shown in the finals and Renee meets with BNB. Barrett looks at least 45, and it works for him. Byron meets with Truth. Truth says he's gonna become KANG and declare that we gonna ban spiders, B! Something about castles and more spider-killing. I have no idea what this is, but I'm overjoyed to not have a promo with WWE Universe all over it. JBL buries Hillary Clinton. So Vince has both JBL and Sheamus out as his on-air surrogates.

Cole says that BNB is looking past Truth, who eats some punches. Truth gets an O'Connor roll for 2. Rope hung knees and a big boot hit for BNB. JBL talks about Nero for a bit. Truth gets a series of nearfalls, then BNB gets one. Barrett gets a Bull Hammer out of nowhere after blinding Truth and wins. Cole talks about Verne and they give him a tribute video. Let's go from a video devoted to the promo-heavy AWA to a super-shitty promo from Dolph. Dolph says Sheamus shouldn't worry about kissing his ass - HE'LL KICK IT!


Recap of the Neville-BNB match. So in case you forgot Neville won, and know that WWE loves 50/50 booking, here's something to remind you that BNB is winning. To further that point, Neville got a jobber intro. Barrett destroys the ribs for a while. Awesome flip from Neville out of a slingshot backbreaker led to some sweet kicks. Super Asai moonsault to the floor. Sliding dropkick nails BNB and his bridging German gets 2. Winds of Change gets 2. Neville gets 2.9 and a high kick. SSP is avoided and he rushes into a BULL HAMMER FOR THE WIN. ALL HAIL KING BARRETT!


Barrett gets the king getup and he says that finally, there's a man with enough class to be king. They added pyro to the deal too. This was a pretty skippable affair, sadly.


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