Wednesday, February 11, 2015

NXT Takeover: Rival 2-11-15

My plan is to cover the first hour of the show live and then the second half after Lucha Underground. However, since everyone's going to be watching this thing live anyway, I might wait and watch LU on demand later tonight in HD - although I have a feeling that I'll wind up watching LU live and just catching NXT's second half on demand since I don't want to be late with the LU report. It is a fairly major show with Alberto making his formal debut. Love Henry's faux retirement being used as filler before the pre-show. Beyond the Ring with HHH. REGINALD DUPONT HELMSLEY was his first name. Wow. BRASS RING 3:16 sign. Great hype video for Balor-Neville. Love seeing the IWGP Jr title on NXT. Albert's trying to get over DEMON BALOR! YAY WE'RE GETTING THE SAMI-OWENS HYPE VIDEO! Such a shame they've telegraphed a title retention from Sami here, although I am hyped for either another Sami-Neville match or Sami-Balor.


We get a fantastic hype vid for the major matches. Itami-Breeze is the opener, so it might be getting a bit of time. Rich Brennan, Albert, and Graves are on commentary. Tyler's out. Tyler ripping off the Bro Mans with the selfie stick and they're doing a bit where a girl jumps the rail for him - they're asking for trouble with that. ITAMI'S STYLE IS KICK to the chest of Breeze. Itami nails some nice punts in the ropes. Breeze takes the left knee out. Knee to the post. RINGPOST FIGURE FOUR! WACKY LEGLOCK RIGHT OUT OF FPR! GTS is teased, but Tyler turns it into a schoolboy for 2. SUPERMODEL KICK for 2. Itami comes back with tons of round kicks to the chest. BASEMENT DROPKICK! Running flying knee gets the win! Very good opener.

Regal looks at Owens STERNLY! Bull's out and the fans chant "shit" after "Bull" hits. Baron's out and starts punching, but he eats a suplex on the ramp. Bull chops away at the chest on the floor. Bull clotheslines him over the top to the floor. Bull gets the diving headbutt, but it only gets a 2.9! Bull goes for a chairshot, but eats End of Days for the win - this was fun. Like the little touch of Baron using Bull's chair to sit down and admire his victory.Regal meets with Sami briefly and we see Charlotte and Bayley backstage.


Lucha Dragons are out for the tag title match. Blake and Murphy have new white and black gear. They just compared THE NXT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS TO THE MULKEYS. Fucking hell. It was jobbers beating jobbers - going with Kid-Razor would've been better. Blake's kicks need some development. According to Albert, Blake and Murphy are the hardest two men at the performance center. Kalisto slips on a dive and then catches himself and does it again. Super victory roll from Cara gets 2. Dragons do a double kick and a wheelbarrow senton for 2. Team Fit hits a double toss neckbreaker for 2. Sin Cara kicks Murphy and tags in Kalisto, who corkscrews in. Kneeling spike rana! Kalisto gets a chant going instead of COVERING. Corey rightfully buries him for being an idiot. Blake counters the Cara bomb with a cradle for 2. GETS IT ON MURPHY! Running suplex to Cara from Murphy sets up Blake's frog splash for a win - champs looked good, while Cara was iffy at times and Kalisto looked pretty bad overall. A Solomon Crowe video hacked into things and said stay tuned next week.


Balor-Neville hype video. If this ends before the end of the hour, I'll watch Lucha Underground. If it ends after, then I'll catch the LU replay. Neville's out first. DEMON BALOR! He looks like such a badass with the post smoke in his face and all the lights. If this exact thing was on Raw, they'd have a megastar in one night. Basic matwork leads to a Balor basement dropkick. Duckdown dropkick by Balor.


Neville takes over with a chinlock and a snapmare. Balor goes to the apron and eats a dropkick to the face. Delayed suplex gets 2 for Neville. Neville nails an elbow to the head and gets another chinlock. Neville eats a kick and goes to the floor. Somersault dive to the ramp from Balor! Neville goes to the floor and sits in a chair, BUT IS DROPKICKED THROUGH THE BARRICADE! Double stomp to the back of the head GETS 2! Neville avoids the inverted Bloody Sunday and eats a Pele, but gets a superkick. Double down gets 8. NASTY German to Balor! SECOND ONE GETS 2.9! RIP BALOR'S NECK! CORKSCREW OFF THE SECOND ROPE GETS 2.9! Corner uppercut from Neville sets up a big forearm. SLINGBLADE FROM BALOR! Nasty lariat sets up a SWAGSUKE POSE inverted Bloody Sunday GETS 2.9! Balor goes up and Neville clutches the leg before kicking his face off.


Short slam sets up the Red Arrow, but Balor's up SUPERKICK! RED ARROW. KNEES UP! 2.9! CRADLE! 2.9! BALOR TAKES HIM DOWN AND GETS THE DOUBLE STOMP FOR THE WIN! Wow - this ends right at 8:59 - perfect! Balor and Neville hug, and it turns out, I've already missed LU - it's on at 8 and not 9 like I thought. Oh well - it will replay at 11. Can they just pay the NXT roster like they're WM main eventers please? I just want this exact show on national TV every Monday night.


Women's title match hype. Bayley's out first, followed by Sasha and BECKY IN NEW GREY AND RED GEAR. That doesn't look as good as anything she's had beyond maybe the Irish getup. Bayley goes for a quick pin with a schoolgirl and gets 1. THEY BROKE THE LED BOARD FIGHTING. Awesome! Sasha and Becky do a wacky double toss of Bayley into the buckle. Pumphandle suplex to Sasha from Becky. Chain of legdrops to Bayley gets 2! Dragon screw to Bayley! Wacky leglock is on Bayley, but Sasha breaks it up. Becky hits her with a missile dropkick, but Charlotte breaks up the cover at 2. Kneeling neckbreaker to Becky by Charlotte. Back to Becky's gear - I get that she'd want to go with something new, but that blue and white faux-denim look worked. This makes her look like every other girl.


WHEELBARROW FROM CHARLOTTE INTO A BAYLEY CODEBREAKER TO SASHA! Charlotte misses a charge in the corner, so Sasha slaps her. Sasha gets the double knees to Charlotte, but it hits Becky beneath her for 2. Bayley gets corner back elbows on Charlotte. Man is she ever fun. BAYLEYCANRANA OFF THE TOP! BAYLEY TO BELLY BUT SASHA PULLS HER OFF! BAYLEY GETS A SLIDETHROUGH DROPKICK TO BECKY ON THE FLOOR! SASHA DIVES ON THEM! This is legit many times better than the NJPW PPV. CHARLOTTE GETS A PLANCHA! Becky attacks Charlotte as she enters and gets an exploder for 2. GERMAN TO BECKY FROM BAYLEY! SUPER BELLY TO BAYLEY! SASHA GETS IN FOR 2 AND THEN GETS 2! Crossface portion of her finish is on, but she has to kick the others away. IT'S BACK ON! Charlotte nearly gets the ropes, BUT SHE CRUCIFIXES HER FOR THE WIN! YES! Given that I've got a tear in my eye, I'll put that above Balor-Neville. Charlotte goes for a hand shake and gives her a hug - congrats to everyone in this!


What the fuck is this shit? TITLES MEAN MORE MONEY!? Come on now - they come and they go. This Zayn-Owens video is a company highlight and is literally all they've needed to build this match up tonight. Kevin Steen is main eventing a WWE show in his second match in the company. We get the slow walk backstage for both challenger and champion. Sami's got new checkerboard gear that looks pretty good. This is just a perfect start - Kevin's making Sami wait, SO SAMI JUST DIVES ONTO HIM! Sami goes for punches, but Kevin drops him down jaw-first on the buckle. Corner lariat! JEEEZUS THAT SELLING OF A LARIAT BY ZAYN WAS SOMETHING ELSE. Kevin clubs him and then murders his chest in cold blood with a chop.


Kevin gets a chinlock. Kevin smashes him with a Benoit-style lariat and gets 2. Zayn is out to make his friend a megastar in one night. Shame this exact feud isn't happening over an important IC title right now. Rope gordbuster gets 2 for Kevin. Long chinlock from Kevin. High and tight back suplex from Owens gets 2. Nasty overhand Wahoo chop on the barricade to Sami. Love him doing Sami's pose on the steps to mock him. Swift lariat sends Sami into the steps and he hits ANOTHER ONE. Sami tries to stand up using Kevin's shirt, but Kevin keeps pounding him. Big gutbuster sets up a senton for 2. Kevin kicks his back. SAMI FIGHTS BACK AND SENDS HIM TO THE FLOOR.

Kevin attacks and throws Sami in, BUT SAMI ROLLS TO THE OTHER ROPE TO THE FLOOR AND LARIATS HIM! I LOVE THIS! BIG BLUE THUNDER BOMB FOR 2! Nasty shot sends Sami into the other corner and he eats the cannonball for 2! Pumphandle neckbreaker of death gets 2.9! POP UP POWERBOMB, BUT ZAYN DROPKICKS HIM! HALF AND HALF SUPLEX GETS 2! Zayn gets his neck snapped on the rope. They tease a Genrico brainbuster, but Kevin takes him down and SAMI GETS THE KNEES UP ON THE SWANTON! Turnbuckle exploder! Kevin leaves before the Helluva kick. Sami avoids the apron bomb, but hits the Daniels moonsault and hits his head hard on the steel ramp. Sami's either a great actor or he's a bit out of it.


Sami's dazed and he runs right into the pop-up powerbomb. Ref's asking Sami if he can continue. So it's storyline, but man is this great. Kevin is now ruthlessly attacking the head. Corey's got a built-in rant here since his career was ended by concussions. He's offended but not supremely. Trainer's out . POWERBOMB TO SAMI! A SECOND ONE! 2.9! TWO TRAINERS ARE OUT! Sami is limper and limper with each one. FOUR POWERBOMBS and Sami's just done. KEVIN OWENS WINS THE TITLE BY KNOCKOUT! In his second-ever match, Kevin Steen just main evented a show and won a championship - kudos to him - couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Kevin stands over his fallen friend as the champion and in one night, they've made a new main event act. Shame it's not on the main roster.


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