Thursday, February 12, 2015

WWE SD 2-12-15

Kane meets backstage with the tag team division and him talking about tonight's tag team turmoil tourney. Bray kills Truth with the shotgun lariat and wins with Abigail. Paige beats Summer with the PTO. Sheamus hype video. Oh thank the lord above, Adam Rose vs. Fandango II - Fandango wins. Tag turmoil begins with Bryan and Roman squashing the Mizes after a pair of blind tags cause more friction. Usos are out and as the champs, their match goes a long time. Usos looked fantastic here going a long time and getting in some dive spots. Bryan came off as a bit heelish holding onto the Yes Lock for a long time, and Roman was at least a likeable face here breaking it up. Bryan beats a matador with a super butterfly suplex into the Yes Lock - I like that.

SLATER GATOR gets killed quickly. The Ascension are DQed for kicking too much ass by...hitting their finisher that has never caused a DQ. Show and Kane come out for the final spot for the THIRD SHOW AND KANE VS. BRYAN AND REIGNS match of the week. Kane brow-beats Show, who KOs him, but eats a spear in the process. Bryan hits the running knee and that's it. Well, that managed to both feel important to the storyline and not important at all since the only part that matters was Kane-Show and that'll be replayed on Raw.

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