Monday, February 2, 2015

WWE NXT 1-28-15

I'm a bit late with this, but it's been a bit of a crazy week. I got a lot of writing-related stuff done, so I might as well check this out while I've got time before Raw. Blake and Murphy come out to new wacky dubstep. They now have matching long tights and Murphy's got a bit of a beard. Lucha Dragons come out in gold and black gear with the belts. Blake slams Cara and tags into Murphy. Cara runs mild, but eats a mid-air dropkick for 2. Blake gets a chinlock while Riley puts over him being THE BEST NATURAL ATHLETE IN THE PERFORMANCE CENTER! Long chinlock here. Sin Cara gets the one-arm lift slam before tagging in Kalisto for a corkscrew crossbody. Code Red gets 2.9! Blake counters a plancha armdrag by smashing his gut into the apron. SDS hits, but a blind tag allows Murphy to sneak in for a pin! Blake and Murphy treated this like a big deal. They show off the NXT Title tourney graphic and hype up the contract signing between Zayn and Owens tonight.


Replay of Charlotte-Sasha and the belly-to-Bayley. Char-lotte and Bay-ley say wor-ds. Bay-ley talks about Sa-mi Zayn and how maybe she's been too nice. Char-lotte says that to-night, if Bay-ley at-tacks her, she won't make it to NXT Takeover: Rival. Holy Christ this was awful. Kidd-Neville is next. Tyler cuts a selfie promo and says he lost, but he's still gorgeous. Solomon Crowe hacks Kidd's intro and now the feed's all weird. VQ has been iffy the whole show. Basic back and forth leads to them doing some flips and corner stuff. Phillips justifies a needless backflip from Neville by saying IT'S SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT! Kidd smashes Neville's face into the steps and Riley is an annoying douche saying WHY DOESN'T HE GET INNNNN! We go to a break and Kidd gets a back kick while Albert talks about how THIS COULD BE LIFE-CHANGING FOR KIDD. Yup - he could go back to where he was 6 months ago.

Kneeling dropkick gets 2. Neville gets a kick to counter a backdrop feint. Riley says THIS SHOW GETS BETTER EVERY SINGLE WEEK! Fosbury flop to the floor takes out Kidd. Kick combo to Kidd sets up a sliding enzuiguri and a standing moonsault for 2. Kidd gets the credenza for 2 and a THIS IS WRESTLING chant breaks out. Riley talks about how THE FANS ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH. Of course, except for when WWE doesn't want that. Nasty Liger bomb from Neville hits - scary bump for Kidd here. Running corner high kick hits for Neville and he gets the Red Arrow to advance. Neville says he's the most dominant champion in NXT history and he'll reclaim the title. Corbin-Bull is later. Heel divas tease a breakup.


Buddy and Murphy are backstage celebrating. Divas tag match is up with Charlotte starting, then Bayley comes out before Sasha and Becky share a theme. Not really much to this match beyond them working on Bayley's knee and then the faces fight for a bit. Charlotte takes her down and pounds her with punches. It's crazy and it's a no contest. Bayley fights back against Charlotte. Balor talks about how he's been friends with Hideo for a while, but now with the NXT Title on the line, friendships go out the window. Hideo says he brought him to NXT and if he needs to, he'll take him out. Baron-Bull II is next.

A woman talks to Emma about her returning to NXT. Things didn't work out for her, but she's coming back to where it all began - and the fresh start involves a rematch with Carmella. Corbin's out and man does his theme rule. They fight on the floor while Riley talks about Corbin's MYSTIQUE AND GAZE, while Albert confirms that he does in fact have A MYSTIQUE AND GAZE. I half-expect them to talk about him being a dreamboat. End of Days ends it.

Regal's mid-ring for the contract signing and brings out Zayn. He stars at the ramp waiting for Owens. Regal says this won't be like every other contract signing in WWE history and he won't let anything physical happen - if it does, he'll nix the match. Sami grabs the mic and tells Kevin to talk - since he won't, he'll tell him that everything they did together was to get here. He didn't expect what happened to R-Evolution, BUT AT TAKEOVER, HE'LL BEAT THE HELL OUT OF HIM! Kevin grabs the mic and says it's a non-title match and he didn't attack him personally - it was business. Sami isn't the prize, the NXT Title is the prize. The title is more money and provides a better life for his wife and two kids - until it's a title match, he's not signing. Regal says he told him that before, but Sami wants it and knows Kevin won't take the match unless it's a title match. Regal agrees and Owens signs and slams the contract to piss Sami off - Regal holds him back and that's it. Pretty good show overall. Womens feud isn't doing a thing for me though - everyone seems like less of a star in it.

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