Monday, February 2, 2015

NXT 7-23-13 Paige vs. Emma NXT Women's Title Tournament Finals

 I've got a 2 week trial to Hulu Plus, so let's check out some of the earlier Full Sail shows that are for whatever reason NOT ON THE WWE NETWORK. This has the NXT Women's Title match final, which I only have in shitty Youtube download form - so that will be the main focus of this. We see the title belt and a recap of Emma's journey. Paige says she's a fighter, while Emma's a dancer and we get another belt shot. Crowd chants NXT to start off. Maddox and Phillips are commentators and Byron's the announcer. YAY WE'RE STARTING WITH THE TITLE MATCH! God it's great to see Emma be over with the fans here. Paige has her first kinda-haunting theme. Byron gives this a big match intro. A generic man with a receding hairline is the ref and is just called the ref. Tie-up and cradles get 2. Sunset flip gets a long 2 for Emma. MADDOX IS FUCKING AWFUL. Phillips is asking the easiest questions ever and he's not saying anything. WHO OF THESE TWO PEOPLE WILL WIN. YOU HAVE EXACTLY TWO OPTIONS. He chooses neither.

Dilemma is locked on and she removes it at 3. NXT is brought to us by MTN DEW KICKSTART because of course it is. THE DOG IS TWERKIN MAGGLE! Paige has a chinlock and surfboard on after the break. Paige runs her throat into the ropes while Maddox screws up "generation". Perfectplex gets 2. Paige stomps a mudhole into her in the corner and gets 2. Emma comes back with an Emma sandwich for 2. Emma gets the Bret-Bulldog finish shown in the opening video, but it only gets 2 here. Chinlock to Paige. LOOONNNNGGGG chinlock. Paige tries to counter and we get a fine view of Paige's ass. Emma goes behind and gets a grounded reverse bearhug. Paige backs her into the corner and gets the alternating elbows. She takes her down for an Edgucator! Emma kicks out of it and gets a cradle for 2. Emma lock attempt, but Paige avoids it. Paige headbutts her and gets the knees. Paige goes up, but eats a superplex!  Crowd chants this is awesome while they both struggle to get up - well, it is. Emma gets 2 as Paige puts her foot on the rope. Pair of gut kicks sets up the Paige Turner and it's over! Paigs wins and cries. Hell, that's all I wanted to see out of this show - so let's move onto last week's NXT.

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