Friday, February 6, 2015

TNA Impact Wrestling 2-6-15 - Lockdown

This is a really stacked card, although the TV ads have just been showing THE FALL a billion times. I forgot the show-closing deal last week - Lashley's kind of a prick. They start the show with the cool years-old video of blood running down the cage and newer footage setting up tonight's card. Kurt's last moonsault off the cage, which damn near ended his career and was at least the reason he missed a year of his career and resulted in numerous knee surgeries. Josh says they're sold out - but you can't see the crowd due to them being caked in darkness, so way to make use of a good house. Tag title match is the opener - just as well since they've already given away the biggest part, so you might as well do that for the first thing.

Josh says that they're AT RINGSIDE, so of course they cut to them in their closet in Nashville. Why not just do another voiceover? I'm digging the corner cam and the show almost looks better-lit that way than with the hard cam. Now we've got a double legdrop from the Hardys and you can hear a crowd, but you can't see them. Manik comes in and Taz buries the cage stip since guys can just climb it and get in since there's no roof. Well, why not kill that whole deal one match in.

Josh talks about the Hardys being former WWE, World, and WCW tag champions. Manik gets cuffed to the rope. IT'S BEDLAM CHAOS ANARCHY according to Josh. Abyss is doing something to Jeff in the corner - I honestly can't see what it is due to the horrible lighting. They go to a break and come back with Josh hyping up FRIDAY NIGHT IMPACT! Slingshot DDT gets 2 for the heels. Storm stands on Abyss's shoulders and gets a nice flying elbow for 2. Stereo Twists for the faces lead to Abyss eating a second one from Matt and a stereo 2 count. Matt misses a moonsault off the top rope. Super Twist from Matt to Storm hits and results in a nasty landing for both. Koya grabs Matt and takes him through the giant camera hole - so that's another logical issue pointed out here in the opener. Swanton attempt results in a mist from Sanada and a superkick for the win.

There's really no point to the cage for the rest of the show since they've already blown through every kind of interference in a cage match in the opener outside of tearing through the mat. Sky high through a table on the floor. Abyss tears the cuffs and Taz says he must have kung fu grip. Manik misses a frog splash through a table to Jeff and he runs wild with random stuff. Hardy goes up top, gets crotched on the cage, hit with a cowbell and takes THE FALL! They at least replay it. What a colossally stupid bump to take in TNA, especially at this stage. They knew they were doing this bump and still didn't even bother actually lighting the building well, so they've minimized any long-term use they can really get out of it since it looks so shitty. MVP talks to the clan about making Kurt an offer he can't refuse, and since we've seen clips of the match, we know it's not taken. We get an ad for next week's show less than 1/4 of the way through this one. MEGA MAN TYRUS AND RICH KID EC3 are on it alongside the return of a TNA LEGEND in Mr. Anderson.

ShopTNA ad - use the code REBEL to get 20% off your order. They replay the Hardy bump.BDC is mid-ring with MVP cutting a promo. EY took the mic and said BLEEEH like a vampireM, and wow does he look awful with grey hair. MVP talks about his proposal - just giving up. MVP buries Kurt's knee surgery and he says he doesn't want his career to end, so he'll let him quit. Faces turn it down and jump in to attack. Gunner did something to King on the floor that couldn't be seen due to the lighting. Cage door chairshot to Gunner's arm by Joe. Pretty good Kong-Havok hype vid sets up their match next.

Recap of the BDC attack on Gunner. A doctor in a TNA hoodie tells him Gunner can't go, and Gunner says he'll go and start. Well, he's an idiot. Cripes, Kong's moving like Abby. I knew she was in rough shape, but she really shouldn't be out there. Havok attacks the back heavily. Josh hypes up the Universal tapings. Havok gets her up for the bearhug slam, but Kong claps out of it. Kong slings her into the steps and holy hell she takes a nasty bump on the cage door for that. They get a BETTER THAN DIVAS chant which Taz says it about Earl and Josh says Kong was a diva, but brought her own brand of karma to WWE. Havok gets a running boot and sends her down. Running leg gets 2. Havok misses a corner charge and Kong gets the punches, but eats a chokeslam and no sells it! Kong hits her with one and goes up top, but Havok meets her. Sin Cara slam off the top leads to an awesome splash for the win! This was technically not great, but a ton of fun to watch. Roode/EY hype vid.


We see Velvet meeting Angelina from two weeks ago - why didn't we see this before? Velvet's crying and Angelina's trying to emote, which is terrifying. Velvet's tits are out of control in this outfit. Velvet's leaving in her gear, so...that's probably unwise in NYC since she's wearing less than a hooker. EY's out and Josh says Bobby Roode is RESPECTFUL and KIND. Roode says I'M GOING TO KILL YOU - ugh. They do stuff for a bit. Nothing really going on here. Taz says EY's smart between those six ropes. EY calls MVP down and he gets a chair. So again, why have a cage? Josh says that perhaps they should close the big gaps in the cage. Roode Bomb avoided. Piledriver avoided. Roode slingshots EY into the steel. EY's busted open and Roode goes for a super Roode bomb, but EY throws him off and does a flying elbow - so it's the second flying elbow in three matches that gets a nearfall. I like Roode chucking the chair at EY's gut when he's on the top - that's something new. He calls him a brother, a son of a bitch, hits the Roode bomb on the chair, and wins. Well - this feud's over. Kurt finds Bobby and says he doesn't want his title, but...he wants it and he wants to fight him on their terms. What? Whatever.


They run down the top 5, so why have Unlocked? Taz talks about Kong possibly being in the top 5 and how he won't be in it. Okay then. Josh tries to get Spandrews over as a name for Spud and Andrews - no. They're facing Tyrus here. Spud kicks Tyrus off and does a somersault dive off the top of the cage. THANK CHRIST TYRUS CAUGHT HIM! Loved Spud flipping off EC3 before it. EC3 pulls Mandrews out, further killing the cage. EC3 does the Gordy cage shot to Spud leading to a lifting Samoan spike for the win. EC3 tries to cut Spud's hair, but JB cuts the power cord. Okay then.

Recap of the Hardy bump. Roode yells about EY being his brother, but it's time to move on and get his belt back. Thank God. "Earlier tonight", which we never saw, Robbie challenged Brooke to an amazing race. During the Robbie-Brooke verbal recap, we actually got a highlight reel of this thing that apparently killed the crowd dead - well that was awkward. Since they can't lower the cage, the weapons are in the cage and legal at all times. Kenny King starts this. Great - the worst guy in the group goes the distance. Gunner's out and we go to break.

They didn't do much for five minutes, but Gunner choked Kenny out in the corner. Ki came out in a sweet red and black getup. Not much from Ki here. Aries comes down and he and Gunner do a doomsday device with a can lid. Joe comes in and does little. Angle comes down and hits Germans and takedowns. Ki hit a terrifying corner stomp on Aries that made his neck hit the buckle awkwardly. Trash can stomp to Gunner from Ki. MVP hits the players boot to him with a can. Cane shots to the bad knee of Kurt. Aries eats a capoiera kick from King with a can on his head. Lashley has seen JUST ABOUT ENOUGH of this. Lashley teases turning heel (heel-er?), but attacks the BDC. Great press from Lashley to Ki into the cage. Faces get their submissions and Lashley hits a spear on MVP for the win. This was okay in highlight form, but dragged a ton in real time.

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