Friday, February 20, 2015

TNA Impact Wrestling 2-20-15

We've got a 20 man gauntlet and the biggest news item for the show - WILL GRADO USE "LIKE A PRAYER"? They taped the show live with that song and tried to get clearance for it, but were blocked by Warner. The live intro made him come off like a big local star and that is really something wrestling needs more of . If nothing else, TNA does deserve credit for bringing that back to some degree with Grado. Last week, A BABYFACE TAG TEAM DIDN'T GET ALONG and lost via distraction schoolboy. Sadly, it was a main event team of Kurt and Lashley. The gauntlet ad makes it quite clear that Kurt is the focus of the gauntlet, so I WONDER WHO WILL WIN!? The show-opening video is honestly great, explaining that tonight's gauntlet's rankings are determined by the top 5 rankings and the reward for being in the top 5 means you're in the last 5 to enter. They put the rankings over instantly doing that and showed clips to make everyone look like a badass. Kurt comes out and they've now put rankings on the graphics. Kurt says IT'S REAL, IT'S...and the fans yell DAMN REAL. Short and sweet. Lashley's backstage in an orange ATT shirt, and if you tuned in late, you've already missed a big deal in theory with Lashley and Kurt. OH MY GOD THE SWEATER JOSH IS WEARING.

Matt's out and Taz says the fans are going banana! Matt's teaming with the Wolves against the Revolution. Chain of legdrops and elbows from the faces to Manik. Faces attack and tear their shirts off. Manik does the rope hang and Josh makes a Spider-Man reference, saying it's topical and he and Taz debate that for a bit. Manik looks so tiny in there with Matt. Dixie's apparently tweeted about the first 5 guys going into the gauntlet. Side Effect to Manik. Wolves run wild with kicks, Koya is tossed out and is in just black shorts looking horrid. Double dive. Matt comes in and gets a Russian legsweep. Twist with a Davey double footstomp. That had to suck. Davey gets the pin after an Eddie stomp too. Koya hits the Sky High, superkick to Hardy from Storm. Abyss takes out Manik with a Black Hole Slam because he was pinned. CAN ANY TEAM IN TNA GET ALONG PLEASE!?

EC3 comes out with Tyrus, whose 2K14 moveset I need to update with the Samoan spike and make his gear black with blue and white trim. Spud-EC3 stuff recap. EC3 says he isn't in a good mood. EC3 warns Anderson, who comes down. Please Tyrus, take him out. Anderson's sound is really echoey. Anderson's got a lot of fire for this intro, and a double chin. Ken says EC3's trying to take Spud's dignity, so he'll take EC3's. Ken pulls a trimmer out of his ass and the sound is a bit vibrator-y, so he tells EC3 to not get too excited. EC3 tells Tyrus, who appears to have The Thing on the front of his gear, to attack. Tyrus goes out and Spud and Mandrews come in behind EC3. Tyrus attacks the faces and Taz says EC3 spends $200 on his haircuts. Given that he has a prowrestlingtees account, I doubt it. Anderson gets the Mic Check on Tyrus. They tape Tyrus to the ropes and shave his head. Spud says that Tyrus was his first customer, AND EC3 IS HIS NEXT! This was fun. BDC talked about taking Kurt out.

Mickie is shown on-camera again and says she's here to talk about Magnus's condition. They said she's Magnus's wife and show Bram's beating of Magnus. Al Snow is mid-ring with his crazy tan, ripped body, and grey beard. Amazing look. Grado's out to a nice knock-off of  "Like a Prayer" - and the fans still sing along to it. They made the best of a bad situation here - I'll give them that. Al jumps him and Taz talks about things BACK IN JOSH'S DAY on Tough Enough. Al chokes Grado with his wrist tape while Taz talks about Al apparently being a bodybuilder now. Snow talks smack to GRADO'S MAW before punching Grado down. Good nearfall here - crowd popped for it. I should really make Grado in FPR - his gear should be pretty easy to do. They discuss how to pronounce Lima, OH and Taz says all goes to every gym there every day. Snow gets a perfect moonsault and a 2.9. "You don't see many senior citizens doing moonsaults with physiques like that!" - you don't say. Grado gets a wee boot, a cannonball, a flip flop and fly, and wins with another wee boot after Josh says "GRADO'S ABOUT TO GET HEAD!"Al's agreed to shake his hand and does. BDC attacks them. Drew Galloway comes in and beats the BDC down with a pipe and busts Ki up big-time. Galloway's whole presentation came off like a main eventer here. Taryn faces Angelina next. Bro Mans and Love take an Ussie, KONG IS NOT AMUSED! This all ruled.


New silver and red gear for Taryn. Taryn gets jumped, but comes back with a slam off the top that highlights her gigantic breasts. Love gets the pump kick after avoiding the RKO. Taryn Cutter hits for the win. Short, but good-ish little match. Kong shows up and Holy God are Taryn's breasts huge, and it must be cold. They brawl and Kong wins that one with the Impact Buster. Kong holds the title WHILE GAIL COMES IN TEASING ANOTHER MATCH! It's such a shame Kong can't go right now. Gail is also showing her age facially a bit.


Josh recaps tonight's events with Mickie and the KOs deal and Taz shows a Ki Instagram photo of his head all split open. Gauntlet guys talk about why they're going to win the Gauntlet. Dreamer comes down and Josh talks about how they have a six-sided ring so Tommy can't be a "Man in the Box", leading to Taz talking about his old suspenders and Josh saying the American Males were one of his favorite teams. THAT RULED. Tommy cuts a promo on EY...oh yeah, this is a thing. He calls out THE SON OF A BITCH, but he doesn't come out, so he goes to the back and gets beaten up in the Gorilla position before they fight back to the ring. Tommy tries to get fans to move, they do, and he gets crotched on the railing. EY bites his face and then since EY enters the ring, the match is on. He's got new silver, black, and neon green gear.


Tommy is all sorts of cut up and bleeding. EY trips him up and drops his head on the chair. EY's bacne yells at the fans to shut up. They point out EY's bronze ankle cover. Tommy crotches EY up top. Superplex through the table sends Tommy's back through it instead of EY's. EY sets a chair up in the corner and they punch each other for a bit. Tommy throws some great punches and then gets a second flip, flip and fly of the evening here in 2015. Tommy goes for the Spicoli driver, EY low blows him, runs him into the chair, and hits the piledriver for the win. Lashley walks backstage draping the belt over his shoulder. Mickie's out next.

Ad for One Night Only: Rivals. Feast Or Fired recap sets up the Bram-Magnus issues. Mickie comes out and Taz sings her there. Josh puts her over as the first holder of the divas, womens, and knockouts titles. Mickie looks fantastic. Mickie talks about it being so good to be back, but a lot has changed. She's got a beautiful son and she's engaged, which goes against Josh saying she was married. She gets booed for that one and then a Magnus chant breaks out. Mickie says Bram LEFT MAGNUS FOR DEAD IN AN ALLEY - wow, that's a bit much. Bram's generic theme hits and he comes out with the cue ball. Mickie says that Bram's not a real man, that Magnus bailed this guy out, and tells him that Magnus can't even hold his son. A giant "we want Magnus" chant drowns out everything Bram says to the point he can't be heard. Bram blames Mickie for turning him soft. Mickie says that Bram attacked him because he knows that Magnus is more of a man and that Bram's just a little bitch! Well, she's still a hell of a promo. She slaps him and man does this come off like it would be huge in WWE - she came off like a total star here and it fits the whole "do it like Rousey" deal HHH wants to do. Lashley and Kurt say stuff. Lashley is an awful promo and Kurt says that Lashley's never been in the ring with him, and he takes out everyone and LASHLEY'S NEXT. Lashley says he'll stay of his way and let him do it.


Graphic runs down the Gauntlet stips. Kenny King and Aries start this. Great t-bone facebuster into the knee from Aries - good new move. Pendulum elbow hits. Steve runs in and goes crazy. Taz brings up the carnival thing and Josh says that's over. Jesse's out. He presses Aries, nearly gets tossed, tries to skin the cat and can't so he comes in under the bottom rope. Bram's out. Nothing happens. Koya's out. Steve does something to his eyes. KOYA'S GEAR SUCKS. Koya takes Steve out. Aries chops Koya. There's no time for anyone to really do anything. Generic music hits and it's Chris Melendez. Oh yeah - he's still on the roster. Good for him. Bubba Bomb to King. Anderson's out. AND HE'S NOT WORKING IN A SHIRT! I like his new black, blue, and silver gear too. Lashley vs. the gauntlet winner is hyped up for next week WITH NO SPOILERS. Thank God.

Shaw, DJZ, and maybe some other dudes came in during a break. Yup. Sanada too. Tyrus is out too. Bram took Melendez out during the break. King takes A FANTASTIC BUMP for Tyrus's spike. Jesse flexes his pecs and Tyrus clubs him badly. Spud comes down and Jesse and DJZ are taken out by Tyrus. Spud is such a frantic babyface, it's great! LIFTING SAMOAN SPIKE ON THE APRON hits and that's it for Spud. That was a super-fun exchange. He takes out Koya too, but eats mist and is eliminated by Anderson's finger-biting after a toss attempt. Gunner's out and does nothing. EC3's out. Robbie's eliminated. Bram's out and took a really iffy bump on his ankle. EC3 is tossed out by Anderson. Joe's out and elbows Ken hard. Ki and MVP are out next. Joe runs wild on Ken in the corner. Ki's got his full bodysuit on and has grown his hair out. Gunner punches the ear and eats a superkick to the gut. Joe tosses out Ken. BDC beats down the faces, but doesn't eliminate them. Gunner's eliminated. Kurt's out last. Josh says that Kurt was the first TNA World Champion, which is true. German to Ki sends us to a break.

Aries is kicked off the apron by Ki. Now it's Kurt versus the whole BDC. Love MVP clubbing Kurt and doing a double bicep pose on him. Joe punches him down in the corner. Ki and Kurt are going at it - I hope we get that as a one on one match at some point. Lashey's in the aisle looking at what's helping. Joe chops Kurt, who fights back with punches. Kurt went for a backdrop to Ki...I think, but came up way short and Ki's face raked the ropes. Bad night for Ki. Joe gets low bridged and he's eliminated. Ki hits an uppercut, but gets backdropped to the floor. King gets kinda belly to belly'd over the top. MVP and Kurt slug it out. Ballin elbow to Kurt. Josh, as a good babyface announcer, points out how wrong it is for the other BDC guys to be out there still. MVP took a weird bump down into the ring and MVP immediately grabs his ankle, which might not be good. MVP kicks the leg and hits a dropkick to the knee. Blackout countered into the German. King grabs the boot and MVP kicks Kurt to the floor for the win. MVP faces Lashley for the title next week.  They hype the match up not with ONE VERSUS ALL but with ALL AGAINST ONE. Totally different. Good hype video.


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