Saturday, February 14, 2015

TNA's Greatest Matches: James Storm

The Angle interview with Tenay is quite short, but good. Tenay put up a humorous fact about how THREE PEOPLE have been sole holders of the tag team titles in TNA. Also, they didn't even bother changing the graphics for the "TNA Unlocked 10 AM EST/Greatest Matches 12 PM EST" things that aired during the main event.
The show begins with JB saying "2012 was one of James Storm's greatest years and it elevated him to being one of the top superstars in TNA today" twice. We start with Storm vs. Bully from Victory Road and get all of Bully's promo talking about trending on Twittah and wanting this to be a contender's match from Lockdown. BOY IS THIS ESSENTIAL. Storm comes out to talk. Oh God, it's like Raw. Storm shoots the shit about Bully's calves being more like chicken legs, leading to a chicken legs chant. Well, this is fun. He accepts, and so now 5 minutes in, we get action. They fight for a few minutes and then Storm superkicks him for the win. I think Storm was hurt here - he was working in a shirt. Tenay puts over Storm winning this in short order and getting ready to battle his long-time rival inside the cage in his home state of Tennessee in his home state. And of course, he lost that. TN-fuckin-A.

Angle vs. Storm from Genesis 2012 is up, and should be pretty good. HHH facebuster sets up a neckbreaker for Storm for 2. Not much going on here. Storm gets some corner punches after the break. Kurt gets a chinlock while Taz talks about how intense Kurt is during workouts. Kurt dominates with a crossface, but eats a Russian legsweep. Backstabber gets 2. Rolling Germans hit AND THE MOONSAULT CONNECTS for 2. Kurt goes for a superkick, but Storm counters into the Codebreaker and gets a cutter for 2. Flying elbow hits for 2. Kurt low blows Storm and then gets a yakuza kick for 3. This was a match. Storm vs. Roode vs. AJ is the main event.

Roode's out with his Leader of the Selfish Generation shirt. Boy did that catchphrase not become a a thing at all. Good start with fast action that leads to signature spots and then Storm hitting Roode with a backstabber and a superkick to win the thing. This is a really long match, but hard to do play by play for with all the stuff going on.

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