Friday, February 6, 2015

WWE NXT 2-4-15

Next week is Takeover, so I might as well knock out NXT relatively early this week - only two days after it airs! Basic NXT intro. Joysey boys are out with Carmella. I think she's a total heel. YAY EMMA! Okay little match here, but it never gets out of first gear. Carmella wins with the headscissor submission. Neville's out to face Baron, so his streak ends here. Baron's selling for Neville's kick is kind of awful - very zombie like. Chinlock by Corbin leads to a suplex falling drop for 2. Almost a jackhammer there. Nice catch from Baron leads to a snake eyes on the railing. Bull attacks, but it doesn't lead to a countout - instead, it opens the door for a Red Arrow. Good booking here.

Sami is in an awful aqua shirt that doesn't fit his color scheme of being very pale and a ginger. Zayn puts Owens over as getting one over on not only himself, but Regal too and Regal's seen it all. Bull-Corbin is made for the special next week. Bayley-Lynch is up. Nice triple legdrop gets 2 for Becky. Corey is generally annoyed by Becky headbanging at the wrong time, INAPPROPRIATE USE OF THE DEVIL HORNS, and is the kind of person who wears the band's shirt to the concert - he just won me over. Figure 4 from Becky leads to a shitty cradle for 2. Half-crab to Becky, but she gets the ropes. Sasha tosses Becky back in after she goes for a break and she loses via the Belly to Bayley! Sasha and Becky fight - it's a shame they're rushing this, because they've got good chemistry.

Owens promo about how he got what he wanted and in one week, he'll have the NXT title two months after his debut. Balor-Itami is next and Team Fit faces the Lucha Dragons next week. Neville's out to do commentary for the main event. HOLY SHIT IS BALOR A STAR. Great face vs. face and more important friend vs. friend match here. They're not doing any strikes, just wrestling - it's about winning, not hurting the opponent. Sky high dropkick from Finn sends us to a break. Itami gets a neckbreaker and a 1 count. Basement dropkick and a seated kick get 2 for Finn. Side roll gets 2 for Finn. Inverted Bloody Sunday is countered into a high kick by Itami and them the Pele kick!

New Japan forearm exchange mid-ring. KENTA COMBO! Hesitation dropkick in the corner! Finn gets the Slingblade! Corner dropkick by Finn! Big double stomp gets the win for Finn! Finn faces Neville next week and they shake on the apron. An amazing Owens-Zayn history package airs. It's such a shame they're doing this for the NXT Title match and not a meaningful IC Title match. This gave you everything you need to know about their friendship, the motivations of each man, and why this is so personal. Sami says Kevin changed when he got married and had a kid, and Owens said that Sami's only fighting for himself - he's got a family to fight for.

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