Thursday, February 26, 2015

WWE SmackDown 2-26-15

Generic show open sets up the Fastlane rematch graphic. Bryan comes out and thanks the fans for giving him opportunity. He said that after 14years, he finally won the WWE World Title at WM...well yes, but he was World and WWE Champion before that. He won't main event WM, but he has BIG PLANS, BUT BARRETT HAS SOME BAD NEWS! He cuts a promo on Bryan being a loser before Dean comes down and the faces take Barrett out and re-take his title belt. Dean beats Miz, but the real story is that Barrett got his belt back. Nattie beats Naomi with a discus lariat. Lana and Rusev have a message from Putin in Russia, and SHE TRANSLATES INTO OUR PRIMITIVE LANGUAGE! Swagger is greatly offended that someone else like their own country, and comes down to take a beating.

Bryan and Barrett have Barrett's best match in ages. Loved Truth calling Byron "Coach". Great use of the new corner cam with Barrett readying the bull hammer, but eating the knee - I've got to do this match in WWE 2K14 later. Barrett's title is missing and he's sad. Barrett is great at being sad. Roman sez words with Byron. THE NEW AND IMPROVED FANDANGO has swank maroon pants. Truth and Dean are backstage and Truth gets the belt from Dean. Every single guy is now getting whatever good comes from being IC Champ just from having it on their shoulders and not being the actual champ. Standing falcon arrow from Fandango leads to a legdrop and a win over Axel.

Sandow cuts a commercial promo for a pill that will keep you straight. Miz steals the role. Sting video recap. Rose is going to turn WM into the ultimate party by winning the battle royal. Goldust beats Hollywood Rose while Cole talks about Stardust having space paint on. Stardust unsmasks as a rosebud and attacks. Bray says words about Taker. Main event six man gets about 10 minutes. This was better than the PPV match with the faces looking a lot stronger and Rybck winning after a Dolph superkick sets up the Shellshock AND A WIN OVER SETH.

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