Saturday, February 7, 2015

TNA Greatest Matches: Mick Foley

This is a pretty solid lineup of matches, and I haven't seen any of Foley's TNA run in HD, so this should be fun. It starts with Foley-Sting and will have Angle-Foley and a tag with Abyss against Raven and Stevie. Big match intro for Foley-Sting instead of full intros. Wow does JB look so much older and fatter now. Love JB having the date Sting won the title in the intro - it makes this seem like an epic reign. This is all part of the MEM wanting THE POWER and having THE TITLE TO HAVE THE POWER. Foley busts his own head open and attacks Sting. Foley goes up top and Sting drops him from the top. It's hard to believe this is only six years ago and how much more mobile Mick is here than he is now. Cage rake slices Mick up more. Foley's punches look fantastic. They go back up and instead of a back chop bump, they do...I think a back suplex off the top. Mick has taken two nasty bumps off the top rope to the floor in under four minutes. It's not surprising that Mick broke down so much in this TNA run because he's doing way too much too quickly and nothing really sticks with you. Foley's leg gets caught up in the cage and rope and that's an ad break.

We come back to a 2 count and Mick going for a scorpion deathlock and actually getting it! Foley kicks the camera man to get a chance to go through the camera hole, but he can't fit and Sting gets the deathlock. He yells at the camera guy to give him the bat and he does it, which DW says is due to fear. Sting takes him down, but eats a barbwire bat shot to the leg. Sting drop toeholds him into the bat and cuts his hand and face up. Bat shot to the gut of Foley and a clubbing shot to the back. Bat rake to the face. Foley gets the bat and hits Sting in the face with it. Bat elbow drop! Barb wire sock punch is sure a strange sentence to type. Running bat knee strike to the corner. Big Foley chant here. I think he's a heel, or maybe he's a face, I don't know - I think MEM was a heel stable at first. They fight over the cage and Mick bump from about the top rope right to the floor. Christ.


Foley gets a partial intro while Angle gets nothing. Kurt's in his pinstripe MEM gear. Kurt's got his Couture-esque beard and hairline here. Basic grinding headlock from Angle starts this off. Foley punches him down before getting a front chancery - I like Mick actually busting out some wrestling. There's a TNA Video Vault ad on the apron and boy was TNA ever ahead of the curve with that. Mick punches him into the corner and gets the running knee. Fujiwara armbar from Mick, but Angle gets the rope. Mick tosses Kurt into the railing, right near Dixie. Legdrop to Angle's neck as he comes into the ring. Neck snap on the rope too. Outside-in suplex gets 2 for Mick. Eye rake gives Kurt an opening and he gets some punches. Grinding headlock on the mat. We go to a break and come back with Foley dominating on the mat. Foley is apparently fighting for the TNA Originals now. KURT BACKDROPS MICK'S KNEES INTO THE STEPS. Christ. Kurt stomps away at the knee while DW calls Kurt the best ever. Well, he's up there. Mick takes an iffy bump for a hair whip spot - he seemingly didn't want to go down for it at the speed Kurt was throwing him back at, so it looked weird. 

Mick gets an armbar. DW talks about THE POWERFUL BELTS the MEM has. Ankle lock from Kurt. Foley rolls through it slowly. Big lariat from Kurt takes Mick down for 2. Moonsault misses, and man are his knees paying for that now. Double arm DDT hits for 2 while Tenay talks about that being perfect given Angle's neck. Sock's out and I just noticed that they've got the PPV poster printouts behind the fans - I like that. It costs next to nothing, but it helps the show look different. Angle slam gets 2. Kurt's pissed and elbow drops the referee. Mandible claw sends Kurt to the floor. Apron elbow hits. Mick rolls him in and gets 2. Mick gets a bodyscissrs and the claw - he really did a lot here that I never recall him doing. Arm drops twice, but Kurt elbows free and gets mounted strikes before getting another ankle lock. Mick gets the rope. Ankle lock with a grapevine mid-ring ends it. This was a damn good match - both of the Foley world title matches were better than I remember them being at the time.

 Raven and Stevie are out, with the former actually looking human. Mick and Abyss come out and Mick has power somehow to make this a Foley's Funhouse match. Cane shots to the heels. I dig the green and red Christmas getup for the ropes. Double charge to the heels leads to a Foley running knee to Raven. Tree of woe elbow to Stevie. Mick and Raven fight to the back. Stevie misses a charge and Taz hilariously says that for a doctor, that wasn't very smart. Abyss is out in burnt pants - he was apparently set on fire and Taz says that the third degree burns make him open to a nasty staph infection. Abyss bonks Stevie into the set. Abyss removes tons of water bottles to do a table setup. The announce table and whole stage setup look so much better here than they do now. Abyss goes for a powerbomb off the set, but Raven canes him. Raven gnaws at the damaged leg. We go to a break.

We come back to a chairshot to the back and head of Abyss. Raven has a gas can and Foley brings a cart of stuff. Cookie sheet to the heads. Barb wire bat to the back of Stevie. Pulling piledriver hits on Raven. Double arm DDT to Stevie. Earthquake drop to the heels. Mick gets the sock and I noticed that they have Christmas lights up on the stands too. Raven throws powder into Mick's eyes. Raven goes for the mandible claw, but Foley counters. Shock treatment to Stevie leads to a legdrop on Raven for 2. Well, that was cute. Abyss gets a sock while Taz says STEREO MR. SOCKOS. Kinda surprised they didn't mute that, or that he said it to begin with. Raven Effect gets 2 on Abyss. Stevie is wrapped in barb wire on the ramp. Flying elbow off the ramp to Stevie, but he's way too far out and barely connects. That was such an easy fix there - just move him closer. Daffney chairshots Abyss to the back, but Raven prevents Shock Treatment to her and eats a Black Hole Slam.

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