Monday, July 28, 2014

NJPW 2014 G1 Day 4

Going through day 4 now and I'm loving it! Fale-Kojima was just about perfect for a Fale match. DBS Jr-Shelton was fine, although it's odd seeing Jr. with so much hair. SUZUKI-TENZAN IS THEM JUST HITTING EACH OTHER. And it's glorious! Tenzan blocks the Gotch piledriver, so Suzuki's all like "okay, fuck you AND YOUR JAW!" and knees the hell out of him! Suzuki makes the mistake of running into a Mountain Bomb though. SUZUKI GETS HIM UP FOR THE PILEDRIVER BUT TENZAN SHIFTS HIS WEIGHT! Tenzan hits...what can generously be called a spinning wheel kick. Big Daddy V honestly got more height on it, and it was nowhere near the face even with Suzuki leaning down...yeah just never do that again. This was overdelivering a ton until that point, then I just got sad. Diving headbutt misses, so Suzuki nails him with a running kick and then does a neck crank suplex into a chokeout for the win. I so want to make Suzuki in FPR after this! Yano-Goto is non-stop action with some fast forearms, kicks, a corner spinkick, and backdrop for 2.9! YANO WINS VIA LOW BLOW AND CRADLE! This ruled!

Honma-Ishii starts off smartly with Ishii winning a shoulder block war. FOREARM TIME! Now Honma wins the shoulder block war! He misses a headbutt though, so it's headbutt/elbow time! He chops Honma down hard and cockily kicks his face - that won't end well. MID-RING CHOP EXCHANGE! Ishii gets a chain of headbutts before a suplex back and forth spot is won by Honma with a Cesaro-style deadlift! Honma lands some corner chops, running corner forearm, and a Jericho bulldog before ANOTHER MID-RING CHOP EXCHANGE! This one's got sweat flying off so it looks awesome too. Damn - even the ref is getting into this! HONMA LANDS THREE CHOPS AND WINS THE BATTLE! HE FINALLY HITS THE FALLING HEADBUTT TOO! A huge Honma chant broke out before some standing forearms were landed, but Ishii responds with ONE and takes Honma down! Backdrop into a cover gets 2 for Ishii. An Ishii corner lariat is met with a corner-bouncing one from Honma. A snap piledriver from Honma gets 2! They exchange elbows before Honma SPIKES HIM WITH A DDT! They lariat each other three times in a bull run before Honma wins on the third. Diving headbutt misses and opens Ishii up to deliver a delayed superplex for 2. A scary Ishii powerbomb results in a small head drop, so they ditch that for some headbutts and a folding powerbomb for 2. Honma gets an SOS for 2 and a throwing German suplex! Running lariat>brainbuster for 2.9! Honma goes a shouldermount powerslam, but Ishii gets out leading to MACHINE GUN SLAPS AND ELBOWS! Ishii hits a running lariat for 2.9! Delayed brainbuster from Ishiii gets the win! Good God that was one of the best matches I've seen all year.

Archer-Makabe is up. God, Archer looks so gigantic in New Japan. It's amazing that he went form being reasonably-pushed in TNA to a nothing act in WWE to a very well-respected act in New Japan. Good little match here, which Makabe wins with a sick flying kneedrop off the top. SWAGSUKE-NAGATA! The Anti-Aging Hero is out after Swagsuke and they exchange basic holds to start. Swagsuke gets up from getting knocked down in the most charismatic way possible - his body language is easily the best in the business. Nice running PRIDE knee to Nagata from Swagsuke. Nagata is eating knees to the gut, but his face says DO NOT FUCK WITH ME BOY! Nagata fights back with a running knee to the gut when Nakamura tries to do a running knee in the corner - nice! Corner Yakuza kick from Nagata! Nice elbow block from Nakamura for an exploder. He finally gets it! AND ANOTHER ONE GETS...2! Nagata can't get a suplex, so he knees the gut before Nakamura does the same. Cocky kicks and slaps from Swagsuke! DO NOT SNAP NAGATA! There you go - kick the gut! Oh no, COCKY KICKS! Nagata has taken exactly enough of this shit! IT'S HARD SLAP TIME! KNEES TO THE GUT! NAGATA RULES! Flying knee from Nakamura, but he's too hurt to follow up! Corner kicks to the ribs from Swagsuke! Running corner knee, but a ground knee is countered into the crossface Nagata lock! Nakamura counters into an armbar, and then a triangle! OMAPLATA COUNTER! Tons of kicks from Nagata! Nakamura fights off a suplerplex, BUT NAGATA WON'T STAY DOWN! He finally gets taken down and a flying knee hits! BACK AND FORTH ELBOW EXCHANGE! Nagata ducks kicks and hits a pinwheel kick! O CONNOR ROLL INTO A GERMAN SUPLEX! Namaura blocks a backdrop driver! Not for long though! 2.9! A wrist clutch exploder is countered with a knee and another knee hits! 2.9! The play by play guy is marking out! BOMBYAE WINS! This ruled!

Styles-Naito time. Naito's ring jacket looks ridiculous. Nice basic matwork before strikes are involved. AJ's getting older, but his flying kneedrop is still beautiful. He's fucking up Naito something fierce with kneeling elbows to the forehead. Naito gets some elbows before an eye poke. Naito takes an amazing bump for the springboard Misawa elbow! Pendulum backbreaker from AJ gets 2. Naito backdrops AJ to the floor and AJ whips his face onto the apron. Double clothesline on the floor! Naito lands a snapmare, a sliding kick, and a gorgeous somersault senton before going up top for a missile dropkick. AJ slides out of a superplex attempt to take him down on the ropes. SNAP SUPLEX INTO THE BUCKLE! I demand that make it into the games! Naito avoids the Clash, but eats the Pele kick! Bloody Sunday! Another Clash attempt, but Naito's locked his hands to prevent it. Nice corner dropkick from Naito! SUPER RANA COUNTERED INTO A CLASH, but Naito counters and hits AJ with a dropkick coming off the top. Everest German gets 2! AJ's KENTA combo gets countered by an enzuiguri! Naito hits an elbow and a pumphandle sideslam! STARDUST PRESS WINS FOR NAITO!

Anderson-Okada is up. Anderson will have none of Okada's wackiness and just beats him and his ally to start. Sliding kick from Okada. Apron pump kick from Anderson sends Okada to the floor. Karl dumps Okada chest first on the barricade. Okada beats the count but eats a single-armed camel clutch and a chinlock. Okada's flapjack gets a nip up and he dropkicks Anderson off the top after putting him up there. Bernard Driver hits for 2! Okada and Anderson get into an elbow/Euro uppercut exchange before a tombstone leads to a crazy Rainmaker>Gun Stun counter exchange and Anderson finally hits it for the win!

Shibata-Tanahashi time! They've got a cat and mouse game to start, with Tanahashi as the mouse avoiding the cats strikes. He eats some sick kicks after a while though. Tanahashi lucks out with some corner counter kicks, clubs, and a flying forearm. Somersault senton off the second rope gets 2. Shibata nails a knee to the ribs to keep him down. Tanahashi counters a kick into a dragon screw and the cloverleaf! MORE DRAGON SCREW ACTION! Tanahashi's bright yellow, black, with red and white trim gear looks great. ELBOW EXCHANGE TIME! Shibata wins that, hits a G2S, and nails a running kick for the win! This was an amazing show!

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