Saturday, July 5, 2014


Guillard-Cavalcante starts the show off, and after a relatively nameless WSOF 10 show, this one starts off with two known guys. Given that it's the company's debut on NBC, it's a wise move. Kenny Rice talks about how these guys were underachievers years ago. WAY TO PUT THEM OVER! Other than a low blow leading to a slight delay, it was all punching, all the time with some nice flurries from both guys to close out the round. They came back and showed photos of Melvin and his wife's car crash a month ago. The car was absolutely mangled and it's amazing he's fighting so soon after it. Guillard wins after a TKO with punches against the cage in a clinch. Green screen promo with Newell didn't do much for me, and there's an echo in whatever room he's recording this in.

Bollinger-Alfonso is the second main card fight. Nice slam into a choke attempt from Bollinger. Bollinger wins with a rear naked choke in next to no time flat in the first round. SPORTS RECAPS!? WTF!? WSOF doesn't look out of place on NBC. Now this AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR show on the other hand... Fitch and Hallman are up. Thankfully, they've now got graphics up showing shorts and names. Rice hypes up each guys being UFC veterans. Hallman's got a giant bandage going from his right shoulder down to his elbow. Not much action in the first round beyond Fitch grinding him on the ground. Fitch starts off standing, then takes him down with a slam for more grinding. Fitch keeps fitching. Fitch has hit 82 ground strikes versus Hallman's 2. Fitch's corner is begging him to do something. Bunch of nothing here beyond a near sub attempt by Hallman and then more fitching. Round 3 is all fitching and Kenny Rice talking about Fitch's 100-ish ground strike stat not being impressive due to them not doing damage. Fitch had 82 power strikes. If you thought the power strike stat was impressive...well here's Kenny Rice to tell you why it's not! It's the company's NBC debut and they couldn't have picked a worse guy to pimp their product.

Excellent hype vid for the main event. ULTIMATE WARRIOR CAGE RUN from Gaethje! SOMEBODY MAKE SOME NOISE is...among the worst hype phrases used in this one fight's intro. LET'S GET READDDDDYYYYY TOOO GOOOO DOOOWWWWNNNN is possibly worse. Newell tries a nice right hook, but it misses. Right-left combo hits. IT'S CLOBBERING TIME FOR NICK NEWELL! Blatant grounded knee to the head there - terrible reffing. SHOOT SHARPSHOOTER FROM GAETHJE!  Newell got cut up from elbows and has nothing left for round 2. He's covered in blood and they might stop it. He's gassed and has nothing left for his right hands, and can't defend on his left side. They're not stopping it. Big right hook stops it and Gaethje does a brief run around the cage before consoling Newell and putting him over huge for providing the war he wanted.This was an amazing fight that must be watched by anyone who enjoys MMA, or even if you don't - it's just great drama from start to finish. Since they've got 20 minutes left, they're showing the prelim with Neiman Gracie against Dustin Holyko. Good all-action fight for round one. Gracie wins with an RNC in round 2. This was an impressive show from start to finish, and part of me wants to do a writeup on the Newell fight as a Bleacher Report tryout.

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