Friday, July 18, 2014

WWE SD 7-18-14

Generic SD intro.  Fandango came out to team with Miz against Dolph and Sheamus. Well, this sure is random. MIZ IS COVERING UP THE MONEYMAKER. Fuck this. Cole buried JBL's cabinet, which JBL says was "the exact opposite of good", and then Cole buries Obama. Miz avoids the Fameasser, but Sheamus tosses him in so Dolph hits the Rough Ryder. Miz kicks out, but eats a Zig Zag. THIS WENT 15 MINUTES and was fast-paced, but didn't have much beyond the Ryder homage. Ambrose came down to basically call Seth a pussy. Seth says he's got guts, but no brains. It'll be Shield vs. Shield - A HUGE BOX OFFICE DRAW. Dean says Seth's acting like he's scared AND HE SHOULD BE. Seth made Dean-Kane. OH FUCK YOU SETH!  Nikki is the ref of Eva-Alicia. Oh lord. This goes next to no time before they turn on her. Okay then. A stupid Dust Brothers promo aired.

Jericho-Harper was a good, if a bit short TV match. Harper looked even sleazier than usual with his shirt getting all torn up. Jericho won after GETTING THE LIONTAMER, but Rowan distracted him, leading to a schoolboy win to counter the discus lariat. Usos made the save to prevent a huge beatdown. Lana and Zeb did a truncated version of their debate, only in the ring for the faces and on the ramp for the heels. Alberto cut a promo vowing to win the IC Title and he faces Kofi, who has been on quite the roll as of late on Raw. Kofi STILL GETS PYRO despite being a glorified jobber. They had every match they've ever had, but Alberto won with Low Ki's Warrior's Way double stomp. Paige and her cute ass came out with AJ to face Summer Lay, who I guess are heels now. AJ won with the Black Widow. It's main event time after a nothing Kane-Seth promo. They had a nothing match that peaked with a dive that almost looked like a Kane chokeslam counter. Speaking of which, after Seth ran in, Dean won and Kane chokeslammed him - but not on the steps. Curb stomp to the steps with  plenty of protection from Dean's hands. Dean-Rollins came off like the PPV's semi-main event here, while on Raw, the IC Title seemed like a huge deal. And oh yeah, there's a fatal 4 way for the WWE Title too. 

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