Friday, July 11, 2014

WWE SD 7-11-14

Raw recap video opens the show. Rusev is out with Lana talking for him against Roman, who has a sign in the background saying 'Roman Reigns - BELIVE THAT!" Nothing really amounted from this. Cameron's out to face AJ. Paige-AJ was announced for the PPV. Cameron was just awful here and took a spin kick terrible. Naomi threw Cameron in when she tried to flee, but AJ did a distraction schoolgirl into a shining wizard for the win. Fandango's out to face Adam Rose, with Summer there. A catfight broke out and Fandango got counted out and hit with a Party Foul. Bray-Jericho recap led to a generic Jericho promo about Bray, leading to a generic Orton promo. USO CRAZY NEXT!

They said the illegal Uso was pinned on Raw, and Heath and Titus are a team - SLATER AND THE GATOR. They've dropped their "inferior" partners. Big splash to Slater finishes a nothing match. An Uso did a wacky announcer parody - he's actually really good at this! These two are basically just doing the Briscoes' wacky gimmick, and that fits them coming off like Samoan rednecks on Total Divas. They're gonna beat the Wyatts...which means they won't.

Jericho-Orton is the hour 1 main event. This was once a PPV main event, and now it's just a nothing TV match happening for no particular reason. Jericho got 2 off a distraction schoolboy when Orton did his pose. Jericho tosses him off the RKO into the Lionsault, but the lights went out leading to an RKO and a win. Okay little match. Layla and Summer had a match with Fandango as ref, and now the girls are a team against him. So for some reason, they're friends and Layla isn't just a catty litlte twat anymore. Rusev-Roman is the main event.

Goldust faced Axel in a short match and won with the Final Cut suplex. Ryback attacked, but Stardust blew stardust into his face Bo faced Diego and Torito, who never got in. Bo-dog on the bovine! They had a short match that led to the Superman punch, a huge chant for the spear, but Orton did a neck snap for a DQ. After a kick where you'd expect RUSEV CRUSH, she told him to leave. Orton checked out her ass as they left and RKO'd Roman. This was a nothing show. MAYBE the RKO gets a recap on Raw.

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