Thursday, July 17, 2014

WWE Main Event 7-14-14

Miz is dressed like a glorious douche in a white shirt and bright blue vest and shirt combo. Oh lord, it's the season premiere of Miz TV. It's the HISTORIC FIRST-EVER MIZ TV ON THE WWE NETWORK! Miz's subdued delivery is fantastic here, and him asking for silence is perfect for heat. Miz reads a letter he wrote about himself. He didn't know when he grew up that he would star in The Marine 3 AND The Marine 4: Homefront. Miz buried his hometown for being a small town, while he's got big dreams! Sheamus came out to say words. Oh lord. How dare he prevent the Miz from speaking! MizTV's set has received massive budget cuts with couches nixed for the crappy chairs. RYBAXEL FACES A TEAM THAT ISN'T THE DUST BROS - Team Black Guys.

EMMA IS BACK to face Cameron. Naomi is shockingly good on commentary. Less than zero reaction for Cameron. Emma is wrestling like a 5 year old who has watched a few shows by doing random rolls and flips. EMMA WON!? Nice small package. Shame this means Naomi's losing on the PPV. Rybaxel's out. Axel's back in trunks. Buncha nothing until BIG E AND RYBACK GOT IN THERE. YES! HOSS WARFARE! Big E nails the chain backbreakers to Ryback. BIG E LAUNCHES KOFI ONTO RYBAXEL ON THE FLOOR. Wow! "Claims have been staked for the IC Title battle royal!" or not. LOL @ topless Big E getting a "we want puppies" chant. Big E flapjack into the kick from Kofi got the win - this was fun.That Sting ad might be an all-time great. Raw recap focused on the WWE Title stuff. Miz cut a promo with Renee about THE MONEYMAKER! They had a nothing match until Sheamus went for the kick, Miz ducked, so Sheamus schoolboyed him for 50/50 booking.

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