Friday, July 25, 2014

WWE SD 7-25-14

Raw recap opens the show before a generic SD intro. Usos face Rybaxel while JBL says that the APA were friends first, but these guys weren't. They had a long, but nothing match until Axel rolled the wrong Uso in and lost via a cradle. Miz TV was wacky. He interviewed his parents about how great it is to have a Hollywood star as a son, but he was shocked that "Ramen Reigns" was her favorite WWE superstar. Bo and Dolph came out to say words before Bo attacked Dolph. So after being a face-ish thing on Raw, he's a heel again. Dolph is facing Bo, and Miz is on commentary saying HIS INTERVIEW WITH HIS PARENTS WASN'T SCRIPTED! Bo pins Dolph with an O'Connor roll after Miz distracted him. So Dolph's an idiot.

DEAN AMBROSE FACES CESARO IN A NO DQ MATCH! Loved Dean stomping a mudhole into Cesaro, then standing on his shoulder. Cesaro boots Ambrose off the apron when he tries to grab kendo sticks and chairs. Dean went for an axehandle smash with the kendo stick ala WWF No Mercy on the N64, but Cesaro countered with a cane shot to the gut! Cesaro chokes him with a stick before getting bonked by the Nigel lariat. Dean nails him with the stick a few times before doing the White Russian legsweep and getting 2. CESARO EATS A SNAP SUPLEX ONTO A CHAIR! OUCH! Ambrose nails New Jack's 187 off the second rope for 2. Dean throws nine billion chairs into the ring! Seth attacks, but gets sent over the timekeepr's area by Dean. DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX ONTO THE CHAIRS! 2.9! That move should be a finish anyway, but THAT SHOULD'VE BEEN A FINISH! Small package wins - offering up the second small package pin tonight. Seth attacks anyway, so why not just wave this off and make it a no contest? Neutralizer to Dean.

Paige and her cute ass skipped down to face Naomi. Cameron distracts Naomi leading to the Rampaige DDT and the PTO. The Dust Brothers did goofy bullshit. Bray killed Truth. Roman came out to face Alberto in a long-ish match for Roman. Alberto destroyed both arms on the post, which I liked. Roman powers out of the draping armbar by lifting him to the top and uppercutting him down. Alberto misses a shoulder charge, eats a Superman punch and a spear.

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