Friday, July 4, 2014

WWE SD 7-4-14

Raw recap vid from Main Event starts the show. Seth cackles and says his will be the face of WWE. BUT AMBROSE IS OUT! Ambrose as a sleazy version of Ryo Hazuki in a shirt, jeans, belt, and grey jacket instead of brown rules. Dean is shining so brightly in this role. Dean says that Seth views the case as a blessing, but it's really a curse that gives him an excuse to ruin his life and his face. They brawled before Orton came out - I can't wait for Seth-Dean at whatever PPV they do it on. Roman made the save here, re-establishing some kind of friendship between he and Dean. It's only been a few weeks, but man was it fun to see Dean and Roman together again. HHH came out and made Dean-Orton. Sheamus and Alberto are out. Alberto's got nice white and gold gear - the design on black looks odd, but on white, it looks slick. Cole puts both guys over as former WWE and World Champions AND FORMER ROYAL RUMBLE WINNERS. And now they're fighting for the U.S. Title and no one cares about them or the title. They have every match they ever had and Sheamus won after a brogue kick after ADR missed a moonsault.

Stardust did a wacky promo about the children of dust. Roman cut a nothing promo. BO CAME OUT AND WAS AMAZING! Daniel Bryan has some shortcomings, BUT HE'S STILL A SPECIAL LITTLE FELLA, AND BO IS GOING TO WIN FOR LITTLE DANIEL! Bo faced whichever one is Diego. RUNNING BO-DOG WINS! The bull dared to annoy him, BUT HE STILL TOLD HIM TO BO-LIEVE HE COULD BE TALLER. Then poor Bo got gored and he hit a bo-rilla press slam on him. Would bull-rilla or bo-rilla work better for that?

Miz-Jericho recap sets up Jericho coming out to talk about Miz and the Wyatts. Bray said he's red in a world of black and white, that he has many names. Miz came out and ate a codebreaker. Movie Star Miz is amusing. Cesaro and Big E brawled, used chairs, AND DID A BELLY TO BELLY OVERHEAD ON THE FLOOR! Paige sat ringside while AJ beat Eva in a two minute match with the Black Widow. Bruce Springdown came out and got mangled by RUSEV CRUSH! Zeb and Swagger came out and Zeb said the only good thing Russia invented was vodka. How dare he minimize the importance of Tetris! Swagger stared Rusev down and the Russians just left.

Dean with the constant shoulder injury is fantastic - they're actually treating an injury in a match like it matters! Cole asked Seth if he'd turn his back on the Authority like he did the Shield. Seth put Dean over as uber-talented. BACKDROP ON THE BARRICADE FROM ORTON! Elbow suicida from Dean! Draping DDT countered into a backdrop to the floor from Dean. Seth "hits the shoulder" with the case during another dive. More of a gut shot, sadly. RKO hits, but Roman comes out to Superman punch Orton before more damage could be done.

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