Monday, July 10, 2017

WWE ECW 6-13-06

One Night Stand '06 clips start us off with them showing Rey vs. Sabu and almost making it look good. Cena vs. RVD remains great and they hype up Cena showing up tonight. RVD comes down with the WWE Title and does his "LOOK AT THIS ONE, IT SPINS!" Paul is in the world's longest leather jacket that does slim him down. Heyman presents him with the "ECW Title" - a replica with an ugly orange backing they didn't even bother to get releathered. Well, that's what happens when you decide to launch a new promotion out of nowhere.

Edge and Lita's tits come down. They all chat and Edge spears RVD. They try to leave through the crowd and Cena beats Edge up. They all brawl and Heyman gets knocked on his ass. Paul cuts a promo on the roster and says they'll bring the roster to Raw to beat up Cena. THE ZOMBIE COMES DOWN and Sandman beats him up. Taz vs. Lawler from ONS is shown - even then, Taz could just do the chokeout, but it was exactly what it needed to be.

Kurt Angle comes down and destroys Justin Credible, who Taz hypes up as a major ECW star and former ECW Champion. Angle hits a nasty belly to belly over the top to the floor. Angle shoot headbutts him and chokes him out. That made a damn good finish for him and this style was awesome to see him use. Joey says the choke is legal here and then hypes up his Vengeance match by saying yeah...that cool thing he just did? He can't do it at the PPV.
Heyman hypes up an extreme battle royal with all weapons being legal and the winner faces Cena at Vengeance. Kelly Kelly does her striptease deal and takes eons to remove her bra before finally just dropping the straps and cupping her breasts.

EXTREME BATTLE ROYAL time. Everyone gets a full intro and Show just massacres folks. Tony Mamaluke bumps like a crazy man. I think he already had 15 concussions by this point. Show faces Big Guido and Sabu eliminates Show to get the shot. Well, that was a nothing match.

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