Monday, July 10, 2017

WWE ECW 8-1-06

This is a pretty big show that I remember because beyond having CM Punk's WWE debut, it also has a fucking horrible Big Show vs. Batista match with the crowd yelling to change the channel - so it's a fun watch. This show is from the Hammerstein, which they killed completely with this show. Dreamer and Sandman face Test and Knox in the opening extreme rules match. Sandman's shirt and WWE theme are pretty good - if they weren't going to go all-out, they at least went with something that worked for him.

Knox and Test come down to a "you suck dick" chant. We get a sloppy brawl before they bring weapons in and then eventually a barb wire board. Test cane shots the faces to avoid a double suplex through the board. Sandman and Knox brawl to the back while a bloody Tommy chats with Kelly amid a "show your tits" chant. He grabs her hand with his bloody one, spins her around, says she beautiful, puts his hands on her hip, comes off like a total creep and then bends her over his knee for an EXTREME spanking with his bloody hand before the goon squad attacks him and as per Heyman, toss him through the board.

Test beats him. Heyman intimidates Francine and Nunzio before chatting with Sabu and tells him that he can't have Show face Sabu due to how scarred up he is. Punk talks about releasing passion in the battle. Punk comes out to a huge pop and the great I Paid to See CM Punk sign that gets into shots perfectly. Punk squashes Justin Credible and wins with the vice.

A Batista hype video sets up the main event. Shannon Moore is all emo on a subway. The Brookyln Brawler is mid-ring and says he'll be ECW World Champion and Kurt comes down to destroy him. Kurt hits a shoot headbutt and taps him with the ankle lock. Well that ruled. Big Show hype video for the main event. Ariel cuts a promo backstage about lurking in the shadows.
Show comes down and the fans chant for RVD. Batista gets a nice reaction coming out and holy Jesus was this guy gigantic. They take forever for their intros to kill time, resulting in the crowd booing and chanting "you both suck". They have a big man style match to a "boring" chant and Show yells "fuck you" at a fan. Show walks around ringside and calls a fan a pussy. Batista just stands there and the crowd chants "fuck this match". 

Batista ups his workrate a bit by walking slowly. Then they brawl on the floor to more boos and a "same old shit" chant mid-ring. Big Show's offense gets a "change the channel' chant. Batista hits a spear and gets 2. Show hits a kryptonite krunch for 2 and hits the ref with the belt. Sabu kicks Show's ass and almost redeems the show and saves the crowd. This was something else.

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