Tuesday, July 18, 2017

WWE SD 7-18-17

We get a recap of the Punjabi Prison before it lowers and the Singh brothers and Jinder explain the rules. Orton comes down and does his pose on the top of the prison. Jimmy Uso faces Kofi, who loses fair and square when Jimmy reverses a crossbody and doesn't even use the tights to win. All the women bicker near Shane before Charlotte insults Becky and we get a recap of the Angle-Jordan stuff. Why is this on SmackDown? Aren't the shows supposed to be bitter rivals? Byron says it's ironic that Jordan picked things up quickly - like Kurt did. Renee interviews Chad, and American Alpha is officially split up. Chad says that JJ didn't tell him anything and now his life is changed too. Chad says that something was up for a while, but he's still friends. He says that they accomplished a lot and won the SD Tag Titles, and he supports him on Raw and vice versa. He has ideas for what's next - and won't ruin the surprise.

Mike and Maria come down with him in uber-jobber gear. He's got black tights with giant red lips on them and a giant heart on one side and a photo of Maria on one leg. He faces Sami and gets beaten up Mike eats the corner exploder, but Maria blocks the kick and Mike punches him and hits the Samoan Driver to win it. Cena comes down and cuts a big America promo before Rusev comes down and kicks his ass. Rusev gets the worst thing possible - MOMENTUM BEFORE THE PPV and lays him out and waves his flag. So he's doomed.

AJ and Nakamura chat about Japan before Nakamura gazes at the US Title and says that one day, AJ will call him for the match and he'll answer. Becky faces Charlotte and Becky ACTUALLY WINS with the disarmer! Everyone else bickers to set up the fatal five way. Naomi cuts a promo and then the Fashion X Files happen. Tyler can't wait to meet Max Moon and they get a delivery with a hobby horse head. It ends Sunday. Okay then. KO and Baron win a fairly short main event with a blind tag, superkick to AJ, and a pop-up powerbomb to end things.

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