Tuesday, July 11, 2017

WWE SmackDown 7-11-17

AJ's US Title win from MSG is played up as a huge deal and they even plug some Youtube channels that showed clips. A new US Title Untouchable shirt debuts and looks outstanding. AJ issues an open challenge and Cena comes down. They want the match, but KO comes down to nix it. Rusev jumps Cena and then Owens jumps AJ. Shane makes a tag match for tonight. Jinder destroys Tye Dillinger in a fairly long squash. Jey faces Xavier, who wins with a giant flying elbow.

Shane makes a fatal 5 way to determine who faces Naomi at Battleground. Nakamura vs. Baron is happening, but they just brawl. Nattie and Tamina beat Charlotte and Becky. Maria tells Chad Gable to find Sami because she's looking for him. Mike jumps Sami and breaks a vase over his head. Breezango dresses up like cowboys and Zack chats with them before Mojo walks in and they accuse them of destroying their office. Zack and Mojo bicker about the battle royal. The Fashion X Files talk about the Truth not being Ish. AJ and Cena get an easy formula match win over KO and Rusev when Cena beats KO.

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