Wednesday, July 12, 2017

WWE The Bash 2009

Now here's a show I haven't watched since it happened - but it has a great card. Rey vs. Jericho in a Title vs. Mask match and Cena vs. Miz should be good, while Jeff Hardy vs. Punk was outstanding in its time. There's also Orton vs. HHH in a 3 stages of hell match, hyped up with artwork that doesn't really fit the feud and has a surprisingly high amount of nudity given that WWE was PG. ECW Title starts things off in a scramble. Swagger beats Henry to become the "current" champion. Dreamer gets a win and then Dreamer just survives. Well, this got a mild pop.

Jericho vs. Rey is hyped up with an awesome video showing the Jericho fan fakeout and then Rey acting like his own plant. Rey and Jericho had great chemistry here and have a quick, if a bit short match. Jericho takes a mask off, but Rey has a backup and hits a 619 and a splash to win it. We get a recap of Vince vs. Trump with Trump owning the company and then giving the crowd their money back. Wow is this bizarre in hindsight. So in the span of like three weeks, Trump buys the company, gives folks all this stuff, does the show with no ads, and swindles Vince into selling it back for doubles him money and then Vince says he's fired and Trump slaps him. What an astounding thing.

We get a recap of Dolph doing his intro vignettes and Jesus is he on all the steroids. Dolph looks pretty much the same now, only about 20 pounds lighter. His hair is also pure dye here. He faces Khali in a bad match before Kane comes down to beat up Khali for reasons I don't care about and Dolph wins it. Teddy meets with Vince, in an outstanding black shirt with white blazer. Vince tells Teddy that he's accomplished nothing as GM and that if they were in a foxhole, Vince would shoot himself and then Vince mocks his dance. Holy Jesus is this nuts.


Edge and Jericho team up in the big multi-man tag match. Edge is in rarely-seen white and red gear that looks great. Edge spears Carlito to win it. Melina and Michelle have a match. Michelle locks her on a cool submission thanks to Melina's flexibility. Faith Breaker ends it and wins the women's title to "make history". Jeff and Punk have a solid match before Punk gets himself DQed to keep his title but says that he got his eye poked, so he couldn't see the ref. Jeff beats his ass afterwards.
The Miz vs. Cena is clearly Miz as a mid-carder wanting more. Cena is in his John Deere gear and gives Miz some token offense before mangling him and making him tap to the STF. Orton and HHH have a fairly short main event with two super-quick falls before match three - THE STRETCHER MATCH. Orton wins thanks to Legacy and HHH kicks his ass. Well, the first half of the show was quite good.

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