Saturday, July 15, 2017

WWE ECW 6-20-06

The show begins with a recap of Raw where Heyman had  BUSLOAD OF ECW REBELS while Ariel's giant tits narrate. Sabu came out to face Tony Mamaluke. Who'd have thunk that Sabu would still be sorta wrestling while Mamaluke would be retired by now? Taz talks about how WWE has divas and ECW has vixens...and that's it. They each have one-word objectifications, so what's it matter? Trinity is such an odd fit in WWE, even for ECW.
Joey thanks for the fans for making ECW the number 1 cable show on Tuesday nights before Taz, clearly being yelled at, says that Raw was the top show in all of cable...WHILE IN A SUPPOSED WAR WITH RAW. Jesus tapdancing Christ was that stupid, and it buried the whole show. They're doing the deal with the lighting being shut off for the crowd - giving everything a bad and cheap look. They bust out chairs and tables here in the opener before Tony taps to the camel clutch.

Kelly cuts an awful promo and buries herself for not taking her bra off and she says she'll strip. RVD cuts a promo with both belts and brags about teaming with Kurt tonight against Rated RKO. It's so weird seeing anyone but Cena with the spinner belt - I got used to it at the time, but watching stuff later, it's just bizarre. Show mangles Dreamer.

MACHO LIBRE IS HERE! This is the worst Savage impression ever and Sandman just whips his ass. This gimmick is just awesome - easy payday for Sandman and it's great to see later on. Cena comes in and chats with Heyman. DANNY DORING staring down John Cena is great. Kelly does her stripper deal in fuck me boots. #womensrevolution. This is both hot and not hot because she just doesn't fit this role well, but she was like a month into the business. Knox interrupts her before she can fully show her tits. The fell yelling LET HER FINISH, JESUS CHRIST makes this even better.
Test hype video shows off his giant traps and backne. Edge and Lita's tits come out. Edge's sex and violence shirt is awesome. Orton is out for an okay, but nothing too amazing tag match. Everyone does finishers and RVD beats Edge with the frog splash. Goddamn were they really strapping the rocket to him.

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