Wednesday, July 5, 2017

WWE NXT 7-5-17

Ohno and Itami team up against Sanity, who Percy calls crazy. Ohno hits a big knee and the faces hit a bunch of kicks in the corner. Wolfe eats the GTS, but a giant Knox-esque crossbody takes out Itami and that ends it. Ember talks about Asuka and we get a neat Drew highlight reel. He is interviewed by an interview human and talks about getting his own title shot. The Iconic Duo does a wacky thing at the PC. Roddy-Roode hype video leads to Roddy cutting a promo backstage.

Roode does his deal and he should just debut on the main roster on Raw and win the IC Title instantly - he'd get over right away. Roode eats a big dropkick and it gets 1. Roode attacks the leg a ton and Roody plays a fantastic babyface in peril. Roddy gets a flash schoolboy for 2. A flying knee misses and the glorious DDT gets 2. Roddy's mother and Marina cheer him on from ringside and Roddy gets a big slam and lands the big double knee backbreaker! He gets the three, but Bobby's foot is under the rope! He hugs Marina, but Roode jumps him and hits the DDT on the floor in front of his family. Now that's a dick move. Marina yells YOU'RE A CHEATER and a third DDT ends it. This ruled!

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