Tuesday, July 25, 2017

WWE SD 7-25-17

KO starts the show with some bragging and says that he's bringing back the open challenge - but not here for the hicks in VA. Hey now! AJ comes down to get insulted before JERICHO RETURNS! Jericho wants KO and the title, but AJ says that he's the next in line. Jericho says that when you cut in line, YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. AJ MAKES THE LIST! Shane comes out and says that the title will be on the line tonight when KO faces AJ and Jericho in a triple threat.

Nakamura destroys Baron with the Kinshasa. Becky and Charlotte face Lana and Tamina. Lana loses to a really horrible big boot. She's no good and no one can do anything with her. Jinder comes out in a slick suit and says he wants a challenger for Summerslam. Cena comes down and calls him out. Bryan announces Nakamura vs. Cena for next week and the winner faces Jinder! Aiden and Mike face Sami and Tye. Mike jobs to the kick again. New Day eats a beating from the Usos.

AJ, Jericho and KO have a really fun match. Jericho hits a perfect Lionsault mid-calf crusher! Jericho and AJ actually have good chemistry here again. AJ hits a Superman punch/P1 Forearm running, which looks good, but he eats the running enzuiguri. KO hits the powerbomb on Jericho and it gets 2. He follows up with a frog splash and AJ tosses him out to steal the pin. KO says he stole and cashes in his rematch next week. Well, it's a title shot - but not a true rematch. Next week should be a damn good show though.

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