Wednesday, July 12, 2017

NXT 7-12-17

A DIY history video leads to a Roddy video package with Percy reciting horribly-written words that manage to suck all of the drama out of the story. Aleistar Black faces THE DEBUTING BOBBY FISH! Lots of impressive ground wrestling and strikes on display here. Nigel and Mauro talk about how Fish recently faced Sakuraba, while Mauro talks about his prime in PRIDE and UFC HOF induction. Bobby works on the leg to set up the Fish Hook, but Black's kicks still get through - just not as well. Black Mass kick ends it.

KO and Itami argue and KO says that Itami needs to take responsibility for what he's done. Vanessa Borne faces Jayme Hachey in a Mae Young Classic qualifier. Velveteen is a prick to some interviewer before Borne comes down and then Hachey, who needs more flattering gear. They have a slow, sloppy match and Borne wins with kind of a Regalplex setup into a sorta-powerbomb. This was quite bad - worst NXT women's match since Dana Brooke.

Sanity beats up Drew at Full Sail while also revealing his plumber's crack. Regal and Roode have a meeting and Regal says that the winner of Drew-Dain next week faces Roode at Takeover. Johnny talks about being betrayed and needing to be himself again. Tale of the Tape for AOP vs. Heavy Machinery. The tag title match is a fun big dude clubbering match...until it becomes an NXT formula match. Last Chapter ends it, and AOP has gotten quite good for what they're supposed to be. Sanity comes down and howls...ugh.

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