Tuesday, July 4, 2017

WWE SD 7-4-17

Cena starts the show off with an intense promo and talks about being a free agent so he can face the best from Raw and SD...so then why wouldn't anyone else but him get that deal? Cena talks about people saying he's sold out and lost his edge and he's nothing more than a part-time mascot. Rusev comes down and Cena says he won't be pushed around and challenges him to a flag match tonight. Rusev turns that down, but will face him at Battleground. Naomi vs. Lana is announced again and the Wale rap battle is hyped. AJ and Chad Gable meet to talk about who will face KO, and we'll get AJ vs. Gable tonight to determine who is in the battle royal.

Chad and AJ have a really nice technical showcase. Chad gets the ankle lock, but AJ gets the calf crusher. Chad goes for the rolling German, but AJ gets the Pele. Phenomenal Forearm ends it. Mojo stares at his Hype Bros. shirt and laments it before Zack says he got them in the IC Title battle royal. Mojo says this is bad because he won the Andre battle royal, so the odds are stacked. Carmella comes out dressed like Mariah Carey in '95 with Daisy Dukes on. Naomi comes out with her new glowing LED title belt - which is a fantastic gimmick for toy belts. They bicker and then Bryan says that James owes him 10 grand, and he's suspended for 30 days and if he doesn't leave, then Carmella will surrender the case.

They show Lana's tweet wanting a rematch and in a surprising move, actually show her real name in the shot. Naomi gets a sunset flip and the necklock for the win. Tamina is now entering into this. Nakamura chats and gets jumped by Baron. Rap battle time with New Day in American flag getup - complete with Woods looking like Consequences Creed. New Day's rap mocks the Usos for being fat and wrestling in shirts and says they've got a case of weenie do. Okay, that's a good line. Usos mock Kofi's for the hairline. Woods says that the Usos were nothing until Naomi got them on Total Divas and says they just carry Roman's bags. Wale DQs Usos for a brawl.

Aiden English jumps Randy with a mic and dominates him until Orton beats his ass around ringside. Jinder and Orton blather on for a bit. AJ wins the abandon ship battle royal and gets a title shot at Battleground. KO and AJ brawl and AJ holds the title high. Not much of a show, but not bad.

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