Saturday, July 15, 2017

This Tuesday in Texas

We start things off with Gene interviewing Taker and Bearer in the basement after the Survivor Series. Bret comes out in his awesome blood and bones jacket to face Skinner. Bret dominates the arm for a bit before Skinner tosses him shoulder-first into the post and Bret has the best selling for this ever. He constantly holds the arm and rolls onto the apron before going to the floor - it's outstanding. Skinner locks on a loose abdominal stretch and uses the ropes, so Brain says he's just trying to maintain his balance. Skinner clubs away and uses the reverse DDT for 2. Sharpshooter ends it.

Jake cuts a spooky promo looking at least 50 and does everything he can to say that he came at the thought of Liz being panicked. Macho is intense and he brawls with Jake...while also having a gigantic feather in his hat here in this violent blood feud. They beat the shit out of each other from pillar to post and Randy wins the match with a flying elbow. Randy goes to hit him with the bell, but the ref won't let him and Jake DDTs him!

He torments Randy and Liz begs for him to stop. Savage is just amazing at playing a walking dead man - he's just being ragdolled. Tunney comes down and tells Jake to leave and Jake tells him there's no snake in the bag - cross his heart and hope to die. Jake cuts a crazed promo and he begs Randy to bring Liz back so he can touch her again. Jake on his worst day...okay, maybe not worst day, was a better promo than Bray could ever hope to be.

Bulldog and Warlord plod around for a while. We get the world's longest full nelson and Davey is so water-logged he can't even fully get up for a crucifix cradle that ends the match. Randy cuts a crazed promo about Jake laying his hands on Liz and it's his fault and he slaps himself. This was like Randy in the ICW just being nuts, but believable.

Ted DiBiase teams up with Repo Man against Virgil and El Matador. Well, with the heels, you at least get a Mid-South reunion. This is a complete nothing match and Sherri hits Ted accidentally, but Repo I think necks Virgil and Ted wins. Well, it was a payday. Hogan and Taker are out for the main event, and Taker's original theme is still great. Hogan and Taker didn't really have great chemistry together here, but it was a fine rough draft for "okay, here's Taker in a main event slot". Hogan throws ashes in his face and hits a really loose-looking schoolboy to win.

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