Sunday, July 2, 2017

GFW TNA Impact Wrestling Slammiversary XV

DW is back! The awesome cold open from Youtube airs. AN OWL FLIES TO THE RING! Robert Flores and DW are at ringside. Robert Flores is outstanding and David Penzer is here too. AAA, The Crash, NOAH, and Impact's heads are here for the opener - which has an international flair and they didn't even bother trying to use clips on Impact. Garza and Loredo are out, followed by Drago and Fantasma, and Marafuji and Ichimori before LAX. Robert calls DW "Dan". This is just a crazy war. Drago has gotten fat since the last LU tapings. Ortiz hits a slick super belly to belly to Loredo before winning with the powerbomb/blockbuster. This was the best showcase for the new LAX yet.
Moose and Williams come down with cheerleaders. Williams looks solid in here for someone who's never worked before. Moose hits a big blind dive to the floor. Eli and Adonis hits a demo decapitation on Moose, but he recovers and Williams wins with a frog splash...kinda sorta through a table for the win.

Storm vs. EC3 is up with a strap match and Storm beats the shit out of EC3 with the strap. He hits a One Percenter for 2. Storm eats the post and then Storm just falls down and EC3 wins it after a face jam. Karen chats with Dutch about figuring things out. The Josh and JB feud gets a long recap. Pope comes down before it, and Steiner is now wearing a tanktop and has added his college logo to his tats.
Park and Steiner move at a glacial pose. An elbow drop results in a "you still got it" chant. Josh hits a run-up dive to them on the floor. They go backstage for some Broken stuff. The heels chase them in a golf cart, but a fire extinguisher blinds them. "YOU FATASSES!" The poor guy with the truck from the Hardys stuff gets beaten up and they steal his truck. Okay, this is great.

Josh gets backdropped into the pool before eating a swanton. Steiner tosses Park through a door and JB nearly gets choked out BEFORE SHARK BOY SWIMS IN FOR THE SAVE. AND THEN THE SINISTER MINSTER WALKS IN AND GIVE JOSEPH PARK HIS MASK. They brawl to the ring again, but no Park. Josh has the recliner on, but Sharky saves! Jim Mitchell returns WITH ABYSS. BLACK HOLE SLAM ONTO TACKS. JB WINS WITH A SPLASH INTO TACKS. This overachieved.
Alberto cuts an intense promo saying this is the biggest night of his career. Davey and Angelina face Alisha and Eddie in a giant garbage brawl. Tacks to the jaw of Eddie leads to a big kick. Alisha powerbombs Love through a table, and Eddie wins with a sunset bomb off a ladder through another table. Sonjay returns with a moonsault footstomp to retain in a nothing 2/3 falls match. We get a nice Sienna vs. Rosemary video hyping up Sienna's MMA and powerlifting backgrounds.

Gail comes down before Sienna, and then Rosemary gets a giant army of clones. DW says that THIS COULD MAIN EVENT ANY PPV IN THE WORLD. Yeah no. LVN and KM are down, but LVN distracts her so she tells KM to send her to the back. Rosemary hits a nice German off the top. Pounce misses, so Rosemary chokes her. POUNCE HITS FOR 2. RED WEDDING, but LVN pulls the ref out. ALLIE CHASES LVN. BELT SHOT FROM SIENNA GETS 2. Rosemary goes for the mist, but Sienna blocks it and puts the mist in her eyes before choking her out to unify the title.

JB brings out the founder of Impact Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling Jeff Jarrett who does a quick speech about having a dream, and that reality became something special. He tells the main eventers to bring their A games and Lashley comes down with ATT with badass gold gear. Alberto has his brother and father with him. They have a pretty okay little match - nothing special. KING MO GOES TO ATTACK ALBERTO, BUT DOS CARAS LOW BLOWS HIM. Lashley pushes him. Double stomp from Alberto wins it to become the unified champion. That was a show.

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