Sunday, July 2, 2017

NJPW G1 Special Night 2 - NJPW US Title Tournament Finals

Liger, Finlay, and KUSHIDA are out for a match against Yoshi Tatsu and the Tempura Boyz. It's amazing how much better Yoshi Tatsu's theme is than he actually is. Josh Barnett burying someone for their lack of tan is awesome. JR sounds like Al Bundy telling Polk High war stories right now going on about Liger in WCW. Sho and Yoshi interrupt a surfboard to a sea of boos. SHOTAY! KUSHIDA FLIP DIVE! Finlay blocks a pedigree from Yoshi and locks on a stretch muffler while Liger does the surfboard and KUSHIDA has the hoverboard lock on - it's over, and that was a perfect opener.

Omega vs. Lethal is up. Josh points out how stupid the Lethal Injection is for a finish with a guy with bad ribs. Giant push kick to Jay sends him to the floor. SUPERKICK PARTY TO OMEGA. LETHAL INJECTION! SUICIDE DIVE TO THE BARRICADE, AND A SECOND BUSTS THE BARRICADE! Holy shit, this is Jay's best match in at least a year. Macho elbow gets 2 and a figure four is locked on! Kenny escapes, so Jay does a kneebreaker and gets a 2>SWEET. Lethal Injection is met with a back stabber. "COULD JAY LETHAL'S OFFENSE BE PREDICTABLE!? Well, he goes for one move with a wacky handspring, so yeah. SNAPDRAGON SUPLEX! Cross-legged fisherman's neckbreaker! V TRIGGA GETS 2! Knee to the gut sets up a doctor bomb for 2. ONE WINGED ANGEL ENDS IT. This ruled.
Zack Sabre. Jr. is out to face Ishii in what should be great, even with the clash in styles. European uppercut>forearm exchange starts things off. NASTY corner chops by Ishii. God this is great. Coil lock by ZSJ sets up an escape and more damage to the arm. AVALANCHE BRAINBUSTER GETS 2. Razor lock in the elbow by ZSJ. ISHII HEADBUTT. ZSJ counters the sliding lariat with an armbar and know a combo armbar/kneebar! The crowd is ungodly hot for this. ISHII MAKES THE ROPES and the crowd chants "ISHII!"ZSJ kicks the arm and Ishii wants MORE KICKS! Ishii enzuiguri misses, but ZSJ's PK doesn't. GIANT BRAINBUSTER ENDS IT FOR ISHII. This ruled!


Juice Robinson's team of many luchadors comes out while JR says they'll do their best to call this. The LIJ team is out. Hiromu shows more charisma hugging a stuffed animal on-stage than Cody has doing anything in his entire career. DOUBLE ASSHOLE KICK by Sanada. BACK AND FORTH CHEST CHOP EXCHANGE by Dragon Lee and Hiromu! Rana leads to a roll and then a wheelbarrow suplex. BUCKLE BELLY TO BELLY! Jay White's upgrade in gear is serving him well - he looks so much better now. He's working nicely with EVIL. Lee and Bushi do some stuff before Naito attacks Lee and then more craziness. After all that, a White flatliner ends it.

HAKU BRINGS HIS SONS OUT for a six-man tag with Hangman Page against War Machine and Big Mike! Big delayed suplex by Mike to Page. Falcon arrow gets 2, but eats a superkick. Rowe eats a head drop and Page wins it. This was crazy fun. Tonga talks shit to fans and yells "fuck you" to one of them. Well, if Juice watched his language, then he was bound to not. Bucks vs. RPG Vice is up. "All right, we're gonna leave. Yeah." Minor production issues. And then they leave. Riveting intermission.

Bucks vs. RPG Vice begins with "YOU'RE DEAD" corner stuff missing before babyface lariats connect. Nick lands an Asai moonsault before getting on commentary and saying it was badass. DOUBLE SUPERKICK to Rocky, but he recovers with a big double lariat! Long sharpshooter leads to a save by Rocky. BARETTA HITS A PILEDRIVER ON THE APRON TO NICK! Big jumping knee by Rocky! \MELTZER DRIVER ON THE FLOOR...KINDA...This gets a Meltzer chant, which is nice given that he lost his father earlier today. A billion superkicks to Trent lead to a "this is for you, Meltzer" and the driver before the double deathlock ends it.

Ricochet kicks ass and impersonates the Rock, and is also coked up beyond belief. He challenges the Bucks, puts them over for getting merch in Hot Topic, and buries Lucha Underground for making it hard for him to be here. Well, he's not re-signing with them.  Rocky tells him that he's loved their team, but it's time to end it and for Trent to go to the heavyweight division.

Fale, Scurll, Yujiro, and Cody come out to face Okada, Ospreay, the Briscoes. Josh talks about his conversations with the Briscoes about chicken farming.  Giant chop to Marty leads to everyone tagging in and out on the heel side. Heel side does the Rick Rude hip swivel before teasing that Fale will do it - but he drops to his ass for the vertical splash for 2 on Ospreay instead. Okada and Fale go at it and Okada is just the best at working with him. HE SLAMS HIM. Cross Rhodes takes out Ospreay. The Billy vs. Tana hype video almost makes you think Billy has a chance.

Billy's got a new red and white gear setup with a UA top while Tana has American flag gear. Tana keeps things slow with a side headlock. Billy gets a flatliner and works the arm. Tana pulls Billy's trunks down to reveal tiny neon green briefs. Tana gets his tights pulled down revealing a bare ass and then the One and Only hits. Billy GETS THE FAMEASSER after yelling "eat shit, bitch" and gets 2. Billy tells him to suck his dick, so Tana punches him and hits a slingblade. TANA SAYS SUCK IT AND WINS WITH THE FROG SPLASH. This was fun.
Omega comes out first, leading to Ishii making them all wait. A side headlock shove into the ropes leads to a big boot by Kenny. Omega and Ishii walk and brawl for a while before Ishii beats the shit out of him in the corner. Omega hits a nasty DDT spiking him on his head. Bucks come down and Omega TRIES TO SNAPDRAGON HIM OFF THE APRON THROUGH A TABLE, but Ishii uses his teeth to hang on! THEN HE CAN'T AND HE TAKES IT. JESUS!
V Triggers hit! ANOTHER ONE. BIG LARIAT FROM ISHII GETS 2.9. SHEER DROP BRAINBUSTER BY KENNY GETS 2. ISHII HITS A ONE WINGED ANGEL FOR 2.9. Wrist clutch One Winged Angel ends it! Kenny gets his belt and Cody yanks it from him before hugging him to present it to him. The Bullet Club comes down for a big celebration - this ruled. Night 2 was quite better than night one.

Kenny says that next year, New Japan is coming back and it'll be bigger than ever and they'll rule the wrestling world. Kenny is basically a total babyface now and it's great. He is the man of the year in pro wrestling and he was given ONE CHANCE and made the absolute most of it. He had the best one night star-making since Sting, and easily topped him due to being an actual major draw.

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