Friday, July 14, 2017

WWE ECW 10-10-06

So this is a few months into WWE's ECW run and they're going for a cheap ratings tactic of strip poker. Seeing Balls's face up close in picture-perfect clarity is terrifying. Everyone gets a card and Ashley loses, so she's down a shirt. RVD, Sabu, and Sandman face Test, Big Show, and Matt Striker. Punk squashes Renee Dupree. Maria and Candice get a tie, so they each have to lose something. Maria loses stockings and Candice drops her skirt. Balls makes the next round dealer's choice - so Krystal has to lose her skirt and Ashley smacks her ass.


Kevin Thorn is in the ring to face Tommy Dreamer - well, this could main event an HOH show now. BACK AT THE POKER TABLE, Candice loses her corset. Thorn hits a sitout uranage for 2. Dreamer's DDT ends it. Krystal loses and takes off an ankle bracelet and her shoes. Balls goes to pick up her shoes, but his boner won't let him get up. RVD vs. Bob Holly with the table slicing is shown. That was a nasty injury.

The divas chat about John Cena being hot and a movie star. Holy Chris are all of these people terrible at talking. Kelly loses her skirt and just opts to remove her shirt too and then her bra. The Marine premiere is shown, and it's time for the main event. Ashley takes her skirt off in poker. The match is actually just split screen and it's nothing special. Sandman actually works without a shirt! All the women argue, Maria gets stripped nude, then Candice and then Balls chants ECW. Well, this was a lot of nothing - but amusing.

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