Monday, January 26, 2015

Raw 1-26-15

Since the live show portion of Raw is done due to the weather, we're getting SOMETHING DIFFERENT. We start with talk about seeing the controversial Royal Rumble tonight, and then JBL plays weather man before they cut to the WWE Title match - complete with a great shot of teh Brock head sign.

This is all COURTESY OF THE WWE NETWORK, which is brilliant. They're screwed, so they're making the best of this by making you want the WWE Network and they haven't announced the free month, so now they can get some extra paying customers by SHOWING THEM WHAT THE NETWORK HAS TO OFFER. Novel concept. This match still ruled. In an amusing bit, they had Cole say we'd see the Rumble match and ask WHO WON THE RUMBLE before cutting to a graphic of Roman pointing to the WM sign. We'll hear from him later and Seth next.


On SD live on Thursday, we'll get Bryan-Kane in a casket match. Oh joy. Cole asks if Seth feels he deserved his title shot and Seth says that his performance spoke for itself. DID YOU THINK THE CURB STOMPS WOULD END THE MATCH?! No Cole, he just wanted 2 counts. WTF. "When I hit that phoenix splash AS IT IS CALLED!" Love Seth being a factual prick here. Cole teased the idea of Brock-Seth and since they might have an extra date on Brock due to this show being nixed, I'd just have them do that match at Fast Lane. Brock's next, so this is an official date for him - wow.  DEFINITELY pay for a Fast Lane match.


Seth and Brock cross paths before a stagehand puts chairs in place for Brock and Heyman. I love seeing a show like where you can see rough edges as opposed to the hospital-esque sterility of Raw. Brock says he's got a broken rib, but he's had injuries and he'll defend the title. Paul says there is no issue with The Authority - as long as they continue to pay what he's worth, he'll be for hire. I love this being a pseudo-shoot deal with Brock's contract legit being up soon. Streak conquering recap. Brock says he overcame Taker like he did everything else - he respects nobody and is THE BEAST. This is Brock's best promo work in WWE since the ER '12 hype packages. Brock says he's happy for Roman - AND HE'S ON A ROLL BABY!

Rumble match is up. I wrote a billion paragraphs on this, so I'm not doing that again.What's notable here is that instead of editing Bryan's elimination boos, THEY EDITED THAT PART OF THE SHOW OFF. Massive Daniel Bryant chant was kept in as were Kofi's boos. Boos kept in for Roman's entrance. They kept in all the boos for Bryan's elimination and Roman's win. Still odd to hear JBL talk about ROYAL RUMBLE CHAMPIONS! We'll get a Bryan interview later - Roman's next.


BYRON SAXTON gets to do the most important interview of the decade, and the audio engineer needs to be fired. There's a ton of feedback here. Roman says that never said he's been the most experienced guy in the world, but his whole life, he's gone in the deep end. When he was a kid, his dad threw him in the pool and he went to the bottom and clawed his way to the top. Roman says he was hoping for a hotter reaction, but it's a blizzard out there. He said the fans paid their money and as long as he wakes up and performs, he's happy. Byron says some feel Roman has been hand-picked for success, and Roman says if he has been picked by the higher ups (who in storyline are evil heels WHO HE IS OPPOSED TO AND WHO HATED HIM LAST NIGHT) thanks for the opportunity - he still has to deliver. Bryan says he had AN INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE. I remember nothing he did except the bleeding. We're apparently getting some kind of Reigns-Brock thing tonight and they botched a Cena Fast Lane announcement by nixing the audio early.


JBL hypes up Miz on Sirens. AN A-LIST SHOW LIKE SIRENS! They outright said that Rusev-Cena was planned for WM and it will be at Fast Lane instead. They also plugged Sting-HHH's confrontation at the show and we'll learn about Arnold going into the HOF next.Vince is jizzing in his pants at all these bodybuilding photos. "I'LL BE BACK - RYBACK!" Paige quoted Home Alone and was glorious! In an even better bit, AMBROSE CAME TO THE WWE Studios!

They come back and Dean says he walked, and then got a ride from Philly here. He hitchhiked, got in an altercation, and nearly lost a finger. He's here to prove his worth to WWE on the road to WrestleMania. "Hey, you guys got any posters of me I can look at!?" They're definitely going to do something big with him at WM. Renee's interview with Bryan, and he says that he was disappointed Roman won - but only because it wasn't him. Bryan says that WWE didn't feed him as a kid, and he didn't have Rock helping him out. Renee slipped up and said Roman would meet Brock on Thursday, when it's tonight. WWE 24 hype. WRESSLEMANIA! Steph sounds like Rita Repulsa.


Time for the sitdown interview with Brock and Roman. Heyman shakes Roman's hand and then asks to be the one who asks the questions. Paul says he's known Roman's family longer than Roman has and he's known his father since he was a kid taking pictures. Heyman says that he took Yokozuna's first publicity photos, and managed Rikishi before he was Rikishi. He saw Rikishi brings the Usos into the ring and do splashes. Heyman is amazing here. Holy shit. He's known Roman since he was a little boy and he says that here's a part of the family history that isn't told - Rock ruled the roost in 2002 and BROCK CONQUERED HIM! "I think you're the next big thing..." DUN DUN DUN! Paul says that Rock NEVER ASKED FOR A REMATCH WITH BROCK because he couldn't handle it. Paul gets it though - Roman wants to be the one who beats the one in 21-1. "Roman, how are you going to handle disappointing your family because you can't beat Brock Lesnar? Not today, and not at WrestleMania!" "I know who you are, I know what you are - and I know what I've signed up for. I know what I've signed up for - but you don't. I'm going to take that title - you know it. I know it. And if I can't - I'm gonna take a piece of you with me." They shake and Brock says unlike Paul, he doesn't respect him, and Roman says he will. They might've saved WM here. If this was just in a vacuum with nothing else until WM, it would be a million buys.


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